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Jul 13, 2009 10:21 AM

Phoenix Trip Report

I was in Phoenix, AZ for a week. The temperatures were around 110 degrees the entire time. I'd usually get out more but I took the easiest route most of the time.

Chino Bandido: What happens when Chinese takeout breeds with Mom’s Mexican. I liked it so much I went back twice. Jade Red Chicken (their sweet and sour chicken) was light, tasty and better than most. Anything here can be a burrito or quesadilla but I would recommend the chicken just plain with fried rice. Chinese BBQ Pork was just right. Black Beans whipped up refried-beans style were perfect. Was also a big fan of their fried rice (both Pork and Jerk style.) The free snicker doodle cookie was also a nice touch. Absolutely no ambiance and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a roach but a big picture of Guy Fieti once you walk in explains it all.

Fez: Really good food. Think it was a gay bar but not sure. Fez burger hit the spot: grilled angus with spicy honey molasses bbq, cinnamon pears, feta, lemon garlic aioli, crispy onions and cilantro on ciabatta. The garlic and rosemary fries were perfect, even when the temperature outside bordered one hundred and twelve degrees. I don’t know what they were cooked in but they were especially light and not the usual fry.

Pane Bianco: The fresh baked bread made my mozzarella, local tomato & basil sandwich pretty damn good. And I don't usually like meals like that. Mozzarella was cut thick and the bread was perfect.

Hooters: I don’t usually go to chains on my business trips but because of the heat I just found the walk to the downtown Hooters the easiest. Oyster Roast wasn’t as good as others I’d had because the shells were taken off before he steaming. Their Daytona Wings were really tasty. And I was disappointed with their normal wings. Kinda cheap on the sauce and they didn’t hit the spot.

Fry Bread House: My first experience with the Fry bread was rather intimidating. Imagine a large pancake shaped funnel cake stuffed with stews and other yummies. The stew quality was good. The Fry bread was okay. The whole thing was a bit much for me. I really wanted sugar on my funnel cake and as I walked out into the heat I felt seven months pregnant. I’d have to pass on the Fry bread next time.

Rustic Café: Simple little café that was unremarkable except for one thing. The chorizo they served with my two eggs breakfast was wonderful. I’ve had chorizo all over the country and I’d have to say this simple preparation was the best.

Fry Bread House
4140 N 7th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85013

Pane Bianco
4404 N Central Ave Ste A, Phoenix, AZ 85012

Chino Bandido
15414 N 19th Ave Ste K, Phoenix, AZ 85023

3815 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85012

Rustic Cafe
20811 N Cave Creek Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85024

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  1. Glad to hear some praise for Fez. The place doesn't usually get a lot of respect on this board, but I think it's pretty good. It's definitely gay-friendly, but "breeders" with kids in tow have also been known to be welcomed there.

    I love the Fry Bread House but can't go there more than a few times a year for the reasons you mention.

    1. I just ate at Fez tonight, though was primarily there for drinks and the food was more of an afterthought, but it was very tasty. Had the bruschetta, which came with pita and what looked like grilled ciabatta, and three different dips: pesto, a tomato jam (it was on the sweet side), and a macaroni-salad style artichoke dip. The pesto was great, and I LOVED the tomato jam. The artichoke dip had a lot of red bell peppers in it, which I can't stand so that was my least favorite. Also had the Fez burger, which was amazing. Love the sauces (I think there was a bbq and a tzatziki (sp?), one on each half of the bun. There were onion rings on it too, and lots of other stuff (mentioned in the original post) and it was really good. The cocktails were excellent as well-I had one that had Stoli raz, chambord, and a champagne float.

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        your dips sound tasty! How did you like the fries? Those ended up being my favorite from Fez.

      2. I've passed Fez a million times, but just finally made it there a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, we got there a good 20 minutes into my lunch hour, and we ended up having to change our orders to-go. (Server was really nice about our change. Said it was no problem, and even got us cups to take our beverages with us.) When I finally ate my food, I was very satisfied (some sort of chicken sandwich with fruit and goat cheese that was recommended). Comfortable space, friendly service, and decent food from what I could tell. I'm debating going back there for happy hour at the end of the month to celebrate the third paycheck of the month haha.