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Jul 13, 2009 10:16 AM

Need A Nice Restaurant Near Dulles Airport

Hey folks,

I have some friends from the Buffalo, NY area that are passing through the area very briefly on Sunday. I'm looking for a lunch/brunch restaurant near Dulles Airport. (Sterling, or the surrounding area.)

I'm not sure how exotic their tastes are/are not. They also have a little boy who is around 4.

I'd appreciate any suggestions.


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  1. Inferring from the title, do you want more upscale?

    Community Canteen, part of Mon Ami Gabi in Reston Town Center is supposed to do a good brunch. I like Mon Ami. I've not yet been to the canteen, but a trusted friend has. Do NOT go to the Clydes in RTC - I like Tyson's, but the RTC has awful service and can't cook steaks to order to save their lives.

    Amphora in Herndon is always an option, though not really upscale.

    Since they're from Buffalo, if it's more for lunch, Jimmy's has to be mentioned. I'd love to hear their take on the food. Jimmy is extremely proud to be from Buffalo and shows it in just about everything he does. He's often there, but maybe not too early on a Sunday. Jimmy's is kid friendly but definitely not upscale.

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    1. re: Dennis S

      Thanks Dennis. No, a laid-back place is probably more what I'm looking for. Amphora is a good suggestion. Thanks for cluing me in on Jimmy's. If we don't go that day, I'm sure they'll want a taste of Buffalo later.

      1. re: Sean D

        After they go, please report back - I'd love to hear what they say - especially if they meet Jimmy.

    2. Maybe Sweetwater Tavern? Locations in Sterling and Centreville both nearish to Dulles. Nice, not upscale, but not so nice that they don't have a kids menu (they do) . Since you don't know how exotic their tastes are and they have a small child, I'm guessing you'd rather play it safe.

      1. Jackson's, newish bistro from the Sweetwater Tavern folks (Great American Rests) has a large American menu, is casual and will likely not be crowded for lunch on Sunday.

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        1. re: nickdanger

          Thanks folks. I'll check out these places before they come.

          1. re: Sean D

            My vore is definitely for Jimmy's. Support a small business owner and get casual, delicious food too.

        2. Also consider Mimi's Cafe near the Dulles Towne Center Mall. They have nice brunch items on their menu......

          1. Thank you all for your suggestions. We opted for Sweetwater Tavern. The food was wonderful and house brews were awesome. (Ironically, my guests did not seem too keen on Jimmy's, since they are attempting to escape Buffalo. However, I'm a total wing-slut and I'll be heading there, myself!!) I'll be trying Community Canteen and Mimi's Cafe, in the coming months.

            Thanks again!