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Jul 13, 2009 10:04 AM

Nick Verano's Famous Deli

Just tried this new deli for lunch, and first impressions were favorable. I ordered the 'famous pastrami' (how could it be famous already??? They just opened!!), and it was very good. Nice quality pastrami, lean with a good pepper crust, very flavorful coleslaw, and not too much slaw as to make the bread soggy, thousand island dressing that I think was home made, as it was nice and smooth and didn't taste chemically served on some very fresh white rye bread.
The only downside was the price, as the sandwich came to $10.45 with tax, no chips, no drink. I did get a pickle, which was a perfectly fine specimin (I HATE bad pickles), but nothing extraordinary. I would recomend it to someone who had deep pockets, as it was a really tasty sandwich, just a bit out of my price range.

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  1. It's "famous" because you know Nick Varano is famous, or so he thinks.

    1. In case you're like me and had never heard of Famous Nick -

      1. Good pastrami should be fatty, not lean.

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          ... and $10.45 is not expensive for a good, fatty pastrami sandwich. My theory on why good delis do not thrive in Boston is that Bostonians will not routinely pay $10 or more for a sandwich. At Katz's in NYC, a pastrami sandwich costs $15, and people line up for them.

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            Hi Hounds, sorry to interrupt the chow talk, but we split off the Katz's Deli discussion to the Manhattan board. The thread is located at:

            Please continue discussion of Katz's there. Many thanks for helping us keep the boards focused.

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            hmm, guess I am not using the correct know when pastrami is tough, and sinewy (as opposed to nice and marbled)? That's what I meant by lean, not lean per se (and I can see where what I said originally did not make sense), but not grissley, an admittedly completely different qualifier. It was still too much money, despite what Katz's in New York does.

          3. I'm reserving judgment on Nick's Famous until I try it, but I consider Strega one of the more hideous, overpriced tourist traps in the North End. I was glad to read that BoMag profile, which reads like a heartwarming "second chance" story. Still, I wonder if there's another backstory that has been overlooked.

            More to the point: do they pronounce it, "Pashhtrami"?


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                Thank God-I was waiting for a comment on the BoMag article! Never mind the serious discussion about Katz's!

                1. re: mtm7654

                  I suspect you're being facetious there, mtm7654. I don't write for BoMag anymore, have no vested interest in promoting it. My comment was sincere (in fact I was unaware of the article until it was pointed out here), and I thought relevant to the thread's original focus on Nick's Famous.

                  I haven't been to Katz's myself in several years, but feel free to contribute your own insights on it.


                  1. re: MC Slim JB

                    Definitely facetious. I was waiting for someone to comment on Nick actually. Sounds like he's got waaaaaaaaay more character than his food!

                    1. re: MC Slim JB

                      Oh by all means reserve judgement......I would say the same even for me, as I only tried one sandwich on their first day open, NOT a very good barometer for how a place is going to be by any it's sad (sort of? Never been to Strega but have read and heard about it, and am not clamoring to get there) I probably won't go back because the price WAS too high. I know some folks are saying that Katz's does sandwiches for $15 and more, I would imagine that you get your moneys worth or folks wouldn't be so gung ho about it. In the end with NVFD, I just didn't feel like I got $10.45 worth of sandwich. Even a bag of chips and a soda would have tipped the scales in Nick's favor though.

                2. I stopped in with my mom after work shortly after reading your post devilham. We both got the Italian tuna. Loved it! The bill was about $25 for the sandwiches, cokes, chips, tax etc. I have to agree, it's definitely a little pricey, but I ate half for lunch and then saved the other half for later.

                  There was only one table outside, and the place was pretty busy, so we took it to go. It's really beautiful inside, and I heard they hired Heavy Advertising (my bosses competitors!), to do all the branding/marketing. They did an amazing job.

                  But overall, a great experience. Hopefully next time I can sit down. And, can we get an Aerosmith sandwich?

                  I've never been to Katz. Sounds like I'll have to try it!