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Jul 13, 2009 08:47 AM

DFW - Suckling Pig

Anyone know where to get a fresh one in DFW?

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  1. I bet one of the Asian markets in Richardson or Garland could hook you up.

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      Pretty much any Mexican market would have them, generally hanging in a glass refrigerator for all to see. I believe .99 a pound is average, and most will special order a smaller size if necessary.

    2. I know that http://www.hirschsmeats.com/ in Plano has it. I also believe that http://www.yeolebutchershop.com/ in Plano will as well. I would guess that most of the Asian markets can provide a whole pig with notice.

      You can also go direct to the farm

      1. As Dallas Dude said, many of the Mexican groceries in the area have a selection of various and sundry pig portions hanging behind glass in a refrigerator near the butcher counter. Try any of the locations of Supermercado El Rancho or Fiesta. If they don't regularly carry a whole pig, I'll bet they can order it for you. It might also be worth trying one of your local smaller Mexican markets. In my experience they all have true butcher counters (rather than just the pre-packaged selections you find at your Kroger or Tom Thumb), so it's likely they can special order to suit your needs.

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          Thanks for the Info., everyone. I'm off on a little pig hunt.

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              Please let us know where you end up buying it and how much per pound.

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              hadn't had time yet. Probably be next week. That pesky thing called work is getting in the way.

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                Work, the thing that gets in the way of all our fun ... but it does pay for dinner :)