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Jul 13, 2009 08:29 AM

Olympic Park

I need a good restaurant for lunch near Olympic Park. A group of us(6 people) will visit Jardin Botanique on Saturday. I have had suggestions of Moe's Deli and Bar. We would like to sit down and enjoy a good lunch with wine or beer.

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  1. Not much in the "immediate area", you could walk down on Ontario to "Le Valois"; or maybe on Masson st. (but I don't really know that 'hood).

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      Good luck!

      1. I ate at a place called Baguette & Baguella last week. I don't think I'm spelling it right. It's on the main street, across the courtyard from Marche Maisonneuve.

        It's French and Portuguese. I thought it was a great deal. I had a huge plate of grilled sardines ($16 CAD). My husband had moules au provencal that came with a big plate of frites ($13 CAD). Because we ordered the lunch specials it also came with appetizer and dessert.

        The atmosphere is ok. It looks like a slightly dated cafe. But if the weather is good, you can sit outside along the side of the building.

        And they have wine by the glass too.

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          Baguette Et Bagatelleā€Ž
          4323 rue Ontario Est
          (514) 254-3838