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Jul 13, 2009 08:26 AM

restaurant recommendation for 30th birthday for 6 people

restaurant recommendation for 30th birthday for 6 people...preferably in the Tribeca/East/Wast Village area. Preferably Italian since some are vegetarians...

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  1. Your budget? Also what day of the week do you plan to go on?

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    1. re: ukitali

      My advice in this kind of situation is this:

      If a poster asks for recommendations and doesn't narrow the criteria, and if you have time to respond, just fling 'em. Because many others besides the OP will benefit from them.

      And if the OP returns to the thread and says, "Oh, I wasn't thinking Italian," or "That's more expensive than I had in mind," that's a teaching moment.

      The lesson is that posters working within fairly narrow parameters need to tell the rest of us precisely what they have in mind. Otherwise they'll see a pile of recs that only others with different criteria will be able to use.

    2. Cacio e Vino (E.Village)
      Peasant (Nolita)
      Malatesta (W.Village)

      1. I'd recommend Barbone. Nice backyard dinning space, excellent food and service, well priced.