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Jul 13, 2009 08:04 AM

Chinatown and Garbage Strike?

I'm jonesing for Mother's Dumplings, but am worried about what I'll find when I get to the area. Has anyone been to Chinatown recently? Is it better to stay away until the garbage issue gets resolved?

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  1. Had a hankering for Chinois last night and wanted something new, so traveled the lkength of Spadina. Apparently the Chinese Restaurants have hired private contractors to haul the garbage away. Maybe we should all consider that!

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      Etobicoke did it a few years back....

    2. i was there on saturday afternoon, walked through chinatown and kensington market. it's a bit more messy here and there, but generally the area wasn't drastically different in appearance. it was packed with shoppers too.

      1. they're doing surprisingly well considering the stink that can raise up on a regular summer day in that nabe. someone is cleaning it up though the city garbage cans are overflowing and so i'd say it's minimally worse.

        1. Thanks for the info guys. Looks like Mom's is a go for lunch. YUMMY!

          1. I would say all in all on teh main streets nobody would be able to tell there is a garbage strike anywhere downtown unless you pass a temp dump. I have seen the streets and garbage bins worse on a regular day especially garbage and recycling days when people do not package their garbage right and it spills over..

            I wish that the news woudl stop showing the .05% where there is a problem and stop reporting from the dump sites as it is REALLY stopping people from outside toronto from coming downtown. A freind in North Bay was going to cancel her trip because of all the garbage about the garbage she has seen on TV.