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Jul 13, 2009 07:50 AM

Must eat dishes at Amber?

Planning a dinner party at Amber but the degustation menu didn't wow me and 10 courses is way too many. Would like to have 5-6 courses instead - any suggestions for the "must eat" dishes at Amber?

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  1. Unless you're sharing, I doubt you'd be able to have 5-6 dishes from the a la carte menu single-handedly! The portions aren't huge, but very respectable. I think they change their menu every so often (season?) but I had a pork with red berry sauce (I'm sure that's not the exact menu wording) that was excellent - juicy, pink, tender cubes of pork, cooked just right, with the sauce served in a separate squiggy thing (word not my forte today, sorry). on another occasion I had a lobster soup in 5 temperatures which was also a delight. Here's a very old blog post of the second meal mentioned:

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      Thanks e_ting, that's very helpful advice. I am asking them to put together a 5-6 course menu for me but want to have some input into what we will be eating...

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        Dungeness crab seems to be one of the signature dishes at Amber, and I've had it on a few occasions. Recently they were also doing a nice braised beef short rib.

        You can search for Amber within my blog: and look at the dishes I've had over the last couple of years.