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Jul 13, 2009 07:16 AM

Best juicer for making gallons of tomato juice

My sister is looking for a juicer to buy my mother who makes gallons of tomato juice each year by manually pushing the tomatoes through a colander . I have the Kitchen Aid fruit and vegetable strainer attachment that works with the food grinder attachment and used it years ago to make tomato juice but can't remember if it does a good job. I have the impression that many of today's juicers aren't meant to be used for such high volume jobs. Does anyone have any suggestions or experiences using a juicer to make a lot of juice? Thanks.

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  1. An old-fashioned Foley Mill works like a charm and is much easier than smashing the tomatoes through a colander.
    I've got the Mouli version which costs a bit more, but has interchangeable disks so you can control the output. it does a great job for tomato juice.
    There are many brands like this available at several price points. If she's only going to use it for the tomato juice, the Foley would do the trick.

    1. When I was a kid, my Mom always used a china cap in a stand with a a pestle-like wooden utensil to push the juice/pulp through the mesh. We have a plastic mill that clamps to the counter. It hasn't gotten much use lately- garden produces a lot fewer tomatoes than it did a few years ago.

      It's kinda like the one here: