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Jul 13, 2009 07:13 AM

Xicohtencatl in Great Barrington, going downhill?

Xicohtencatl in Great Barrington, on Route 7, has always been a favorite of mine. But I ate there a few weeks ago, was told they had a new manager, and noticed a real change...and not for the better.

The food is still great, but unless you are seeking service the pace of a drive-through I would not recommend this as a dining experience. Drinks came out very quickly, not a problem, as well as appetizers, still not a problem -- but we had not half finished our app's when our entrees were served...not yet finshed with those when the check was presented. All in, we finished eating in about 40 minutes, and were not encouraged to linger.

I spoke with the manager of our disappointing experience compared with previous visits. She seemed interested but not sure I would chance it again, certainly not without stating at the outset that we did not want our meal to be rushed.

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  1. I like to linger but some people I dine with want to be finihed in 30-45 minutes or they don't like the restaurant.Of course the restaurant wants turnover. Is it a constant line kind of place?

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    1. re: trufflehound

      It's busy but, no, not a constant line. I'd say the price of entrees push it into the fine dining category, in which case I would not want to finish my meal in less than an hour. If they're expecting turnover from me, they've got it, and maybe permanently.

      1. re: City Kid

        we had a girls night out there last month and i TOTALLY AGREE! of course i want my cocktail fast, and yes my app too, but the dinner was right on top of the app and then the check too. very rushed and with a girls night out with a bunch of moms who dont get out much, we WANT to stay and chat and linger. ( and keep drinking too- not like we were just there sipping water )

        1. re: niccole

          So it wasn't just me...the fact that this seems to be a deliberate change in policy makes me think I won't go back. One solution is to order drinks and an appetizer and hold off on ordering the entree -- it comes so fast anyway! I may share this thread with them!

          1. re: City Kid

            Hey Hey, Niccole andCity Kid...another solution is to tell them that unless they pace the meal to your specifications, you will send back any course that is rushed until YOU are ready. Nobody should ever have to force feed herself or himself in a restaurant under ANY circumstances.