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Jul 13, 2009 07:10 AM

Sahale Valdosta Blend- Pecan, Sweet Cranberry, Black Pepper, Orange Zest

Has anyone had these? They are fabulous however they are also fabulously expensive--which I was living with, but now the store I got them from doesn't carry them anymore! I was looking for someone who has had them and can figure out how to replicate the spice on the pecans...I am not very good at that sort of thing so was hoping for some 'hound insight.


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  1. I've had them, and they are pretty tasty (but keeping them at my desk and having coworkers snitch them ocassionally was getting super pricey). The glaze ... I would start with maple syrup and lots of black pepper. Now I may have to go pick up a bag over lunch ...

    But really, though, the internet is a wonderful and glorious thing (and Amazon does have everything - I'm so tempted to just schedule that to be sent to the office every few months).

    1. I thought I saw a Sahale Valdosta blend at Target once. It was their Archer Farms brand. I am sorry I cannot find a link to confirm, but it is worth checking out.

      1. This thread had information from people experimenting with duplicating the mix:

        Target has carried Sahale mixes in the past. Once in awhile I find them on sale at Whole Foods. IIRC Trader Joe's has a mix very similar.

        I've tried all the flavors - not a bad one in the bunch!

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          WoW! Thanks... in a million years I wouldn't have thought this would have already been covered!

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            As a fellow addict I need to try to reproduce it too! At least the price has come down some. The first time I had tried it it was going for $9 a bag!

        2. They sell them at Costco now--less than 10.00 for a big bag

          1. This mix is fantastic to add to a salad!

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              Great idea!! I think that'll be on the menu for Thanksgiving dinner.