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Jul 13, 2009 06:47 AM

Road trip from Brooklyn to Camden

I'll be driving up from Brooklyn to Camden, Maine in the course of one day. I was wondering if anyone could help me out with a must have lobster roll or lobster dinner. I would appreciate it if it weren't too far off the beaten path, but I'm willing to go a little distance to taste the best!!

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  1. There's a lot on this board and the net about Red's, but I love it as I want to just scarf down a lobster without thew fuss while I'm on the road. Whole lobster in chunks on a buttered roll, with butter or mayo on the side. You'll drive right by it on the left in Wiscasset before the bridge. But then there's the lines.......

    1. Day's Lobster and Crab, take-out stand between just north of Exit 17 on I-295; picnic tables out back. Rarely a line. About 10-15 minutes north of Portland, on Route 1 between Yarmouth and Freeport. Get off at 17 and head north on 1. Afterwards, continue north on 1 to Freeport, and pick up I-295 north again there.

      1. Hi,
        We have made the drive from Brooklyn to Portland almost monthly for the past three years. Depending on the time of day you pass the following, I suggest: Bob's Clam Hut in Kittery; Two Lights Lobster Shack in Cape Elizabeth; Harrasskeet Lunch in So. Freeport.

        Avoid Reds - not worth the wait. Also avoid route 1 from Bath to Camden on the weekends.

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          Regarding Reds. I drive to Maine every weekend Pass thru Wiscassett ~5-6pm friday and 3-4pm on Sunday and the lines @ Reds have not been long. The drive (traffic) from Bath to Camden is no problem either. Both experiences should not be missed if you find yourself in the area

        2. This past weekend at the North Atlantic Blues Festival, I found a new place in S Rockland at the old working waterfront; Sharpie's Lobstah Shack ( on Mechanic St., just off Water St. which is a continuation of Main. Set in Snow Marine Park it is also part of a new Sail, Power and Steam Museum opening next weekend. Had a gret 10 buck lobber role, lots of tail, light on mayo and a dash of dill. BYOB and lotsa other stuff on the menu from BBQ to chicken.
          I have a hard time finding a lobster roll in Camden proper, so this might help. Many convenience stores along rt 1have them too.

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            How was the fest? I like the White Mtns fest a lot, but nearby chow is limited.

            1. re: trufflehound

              The blues fest was great, our 13th year. We set up the WERU radio booth (I'll be doing Woodstock Nation this Sun at 2 pm) and get free admission (We're putting 5 kids through college). It's our wedding anniversary so we eat and party a lot. On site had 2 diff lobster rolls, 4 doz Gay Island Oysters, fried haddock & scallops and a crab roll. On site is also Conte's Restaurant. Out on the dock we had scallops & pasta and fresh tuna. There are pub crawls on Fri & Sat night, Main St get blocked off w/ 3 bands playing and there is lots of great chow within walking distance. Everything was very good or was it just the atmosphere. Great weather too.