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Jul 13, 2009 06:42 AM

Improvised steamer = ring at the bottom of stainless steel pot

Searched the cookware thread and couldn't find a similar topic, so looking for some help from your collective wisdom. A visiting relative insisted on making lunch, and used a stainless steel pot (inside also stainless steel) to make a steamer. The assembly was a small glass bowl used as a stand to elevate a large glass bowl. We steamed some stuff for about 2 hours by filling the bottom with water and putting on a lid. Unfortunately, I now have a ring at the bottom of the pot, in same size and shape as the small glass bowl that was touching the pan. I used a paste of baking soda + water immediately, but the stain hasn't budged a bit. It seems to resemble a hard water stain.

Any suggestions? CLR? Steel wool? Thanks for your help.

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  1. Try some BonAmi or similar cleaner. Less abrasive than steel wool.

    1. kotatsu, baking soda and water makes a basic (pH >7) solution; if that did not work, you might want to try the opposite, a mildly acidic (pH <7) solution, like dilute vinegar.

        1. you guys are the bomb! I let some dilute vinegar sit in the pan overnight, and tah-dah it's gone! There is a super super faint ring, but it's sooooooo much better. Like 90% better. thanks!!!!

          1. Vinegar is the secret for cleaning tea kettles and the like. If you ever think it could be mineral deposits, always reach for the vinegar. A second treatment will have it looking like new.