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Jul 13, 2009 06:24 AM

Macedonian Restaurants in GTA?

Hi, my wife and I just finished Carabram and loved the Macedonian pavilion, I have never seen any Macedonian restaurants anywhere, talked with some of the people there stating they exist. A year is long to wait for Zelnik....Any ideas?

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  1. Mak Deli on Lawrence East serves the FYROM (Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia) population. Haven't tried it. According to the website, there is a "restaurant" section- part of the deli with tables. Not sure if they would have table service.. I don't know of any other FYROM Macedonian restaurants in Toronto.

    There are quite a few Bosnian places in East York and near Roncesvalles/Dundas W that serve Cevapi and other items that would be common in FYROM, Bosnia, and other parts of the former Yugoslavia.

    A thread on FYROM products

    If you're looking for something like Zelnik, you might want to consider trying Bosnian burek from a Bosnian bakery or deli, or the Greek snail shaped- rolled spanakopita or tyropita from Akropoli Bakery (which is similar to burek, with a chewier, thicker pastry than standard commercial filo


    Mak Delicatessens
    1335 Lawrence Ave E, Toronto, ON M3A, CA

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      Hi there, I think my wife got the name wrong as we are familiar with Burek and buy it from Willy's on Hurontario..but this 'Zelnik' was more of a spinach/feta filled pie slice shaped pastry which we loved. They also have Cevapi like ground meat sausage shaped burgers as well...called Kebapi I believe...but some differences, this bean stew which we liked as well as the Zelnik mentioned above...we have Serbian friends so we are familiar with the regional differences of food for instance, Bulgarian type 'cevapi' has cumin and parsley in it and they are equally good....just wanted to try these things instead of waiting yearly with Carabram.

    2. I have tried most of the East European - Balkan type of places in Toronto. My favourite at this point is Market Jolly on Marlee just south of Glencairn (and the subway). I posted some info about it on the same thread that Phoenikia has listed.

      If you're looking for zelnik, the closest thing is bourek. Market Jolly's is very good (although not as good as my Mom's homemade!) - they have it ready-baked or frozen so you can bake at home. They have a counter where you can sit and eat, but it's really a deli store that also has prepared take-out foods.

      Mak Deli is good too, and has a couple of small tables where you can eat their take-out stuff. I sometimes find their bourek too greasy.

      Good luck on the zelnik quest, and let us know what you find!

      1. You may want to try:

        Madera Restaurant Inc
        836 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, ON, M4J1L6
        Phone (416) 465-2653

        The comments below are from

        Editorial Profile
        Madera offers a blend of casual dining and live entertainment. It's a popular spot for the city's Yugoslavian community and east-enders alike, hosting private parties, engagements, baptisms and more. Menu items include cabbage, red pepper and

        1. For some really old postings, at the Ontario board type in Macedonian Restaurants Jar, then fill in the boxes using oldest first, past 5 years, Canada, and in Ontario type in Macedonian. I won't do a whole rehash here, but they are all gone PERIOD!!! No deli, nothing comes close, zilch! I have even checked out for info several Macedonian churches and the Macedonian Seniors Home on O'Connor Drive. I grew up when within a 2 minute walk I had 5 Macedonian Restaurants. Do the search for info please!

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            I don't know if you remember, but wasn't the Red Violin a Macedonian restaurant before they swiched to Brazilian Cuisine?

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                Can't we all get along without starting to dredge up political nationalist inclinations? I don't want to see a repeat of a Yugoslavianesque dispute on Chowhound.

                Let's all admit that we enjoy a good zelnik and have affinity for other foods from our neighbours...c'mon give peas a chance.....ok, I admit that was a really bad pun, but I still chuckled