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Jul 13, 2009 05:49 AM

Locanda Verde

Four of us went to Locanda Verde on Friday, July 10th. We’d made a reservation about a month earlier with plans to meet friends so once all the writeups hit, we were excited to go. Firstly, Andrew was cooking, so that’s always a good sign. We were seated at a tight table in a busy area and when we asked to move, were refused. Very crowded and loud space, though nicely decorated. We had a waiter and his shadow. The shadow waiter wrote down what we ordered but did little else. Food arrived promptly. Wine service was extremely poor. The sommelier tried but failed to recommend a wine that would fit within our stated specs. We wanted a meaty, hearty red and the first two bottles were very light and just not what we like. The third bottle was better. They didn’t have many of the wines on the list, so they’ll need to work on this quite a bit. As for the food, we ordered quite a bit, but the portions are generally small, so it’s not as much food as you’d think. We started with three crostinis – corn, morel, chicken liver. All good but just one slice cut in half in each order – favorite was the summer corn on prosciutto bread. We also had the octopus which was nicely cooked and delicious. The others shared tripe and enjoyed it. The ricotta was the best of the lot for the appetizers. We had to ask for the bread basket with the focaccia people are talking about. It was very good. Next course, we shared four pastas. We had the waiter choose and he brought grandma’s ravioli (delicious, but strangely not served warm enough), gigantoni (one of the favorites, good flavor), malfatti with pesto (also a standout) and orecchiete with rabbit and peas (good, but bland). No cheese was offered. We then shared two primos – steak (just average) and broccoli rabe sausage (very tasty and nice bite to it). We shared several desserts as well – the fantasia (like a generous sundae with lots of yummy flavors), the cookie plate (very over-hyped in my opinion), the lemon tart (very good), but the standout was the pistachio cake. We drank tap water and 3 bottles of wine as I mentioned. The tab before tip was around $540, so it’s not that much of a deal when you add it all up. All in all, we would go back, loved the courtyard for after dinner drinks, but we’d be picky about what we order.

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  1. Forgot to mention, also Lamb Sliders which 2 of us enjoyed and Artichokes (good but not sure what the fuss is about - sounds like people never had artichokes before!).

    1. Went Saturday night for my B-Day. The blue crab jalapeno crostini were very good but the traditional fegato (chicken liver) were amazing. The lamb meatballs almost made me forget his duck meatballs at A Voce. The papparadelle with lamb was beautiful and the porchetta with provolone sandwich was perfect including the cracklings in the side salad (which had my Mom thought of I might actually order a salad). The pistachio pound cake was nice. With a bottle of '98 Barolo, a very happening place.

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        Forgot to mention that we also tried the rabbit terrine with cherries which was pretty good and the focaccia with tomato was closer to pizza than bread..