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Jul 13, 2009 05:30 AM


Since Toronto is a cosmopolitan city, there should be lots of places where halvah, a famous middle eastern confection, is available in any of its various forms.
Where do you find it and what is your favourite variety?

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  1. There is the Indian version is most Indian sweet stores.

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    1. re: TOchowgal

      Indian halwa and Middle Eastern halvah (the spellings are varied and often interchangeable; I'm using these for ease here) are very different products. Halvah is made with ground sesame seeds and is sold in a firm block that can be sliced, while East Asian halwa is usually made using semolina as the base and is pudding-like in texture.

      Although I haven't bought it in awhile, I used to love the halvah sold at Marche Instanbul at Dufferin and Orfus. I'm a fan of their pistachio flavour.

      1. re: Tatai

        There is also Middle Eastern halvah made with semonlina which doesn't come as a hard block. The names for it around the region change quite drastically though.

    2. The BEST Halwa is made at the Govindas restaurant at the Hare Krishnas at 243 Avenue Road. On Sundays they have a free vegetarian feast and you can eat as much halwa as you like for free!
      Their halwa is just rightly sweetened, raiains and made with ghee...yummm

      1. I buy it at NoFrills of all places. The brand name escapes me, but I think it's from Lebanon or Syria. It has a pretty good pistachio content.

        When I get it home I sit down, surf the net, eat the lot and then have profound regrets at what I've just done.

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          They have a few varieties at Fiesta Farms.

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            it's found at most polish delis as well. benna's on ronces has a good assortment of halvas. turkish shops should have it too.

            1. re: Kasia

              Cheese Boutique always has it.

              I remember my dad buying it in a can when we were kids. I think it was a pink can and had a picture of a camel on it. I'm pretty sure he used to pick it up on Bloor W. or Ronces, but I've not noticed it in my visits there as an adult.

              1. re: Davedigger

                I remember Camel brand halvah as a kid in Montreal; chocolate was my favourite flavour back then. We used to sit and dig it out of the little tin with a spoon, like it was a tub of ice cream! The brand is still around, most often found in kosher groceries or the kosher sections of supermarkets.

          1. Any Greek bakery on the Danforth will have a selection.