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Avenue Bar Lobster Rolls are GONE!... RIP

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Went to the Avenue Bar at the Four Seasons on Saturday... Like we usually do when we're in TO - mostly for the comfy chairs, to people watch for a while... but we were hungry and thought...ooh, lobster rolls. Nope! New Chef. New Menu.

Okay, I'm all in favour of freshening up the menu and 'putting your own stamp' on things, but please oh please don't take away ALL the staples that made it worth going! The apple pie is gone too... My husband almost wept.

These were the only lobster rolls I enjoyed in TO... sniff...sniff...

Anyhoo, on to the new menu - we had tandoori chicken salad. Yawn except for the not plentiful enough cilantro based sauce dripped on the plate. My husband settled for the burger: he never orders burgers outside of McD's ... makes great ones himself so he can't be bothered but that's how uninspired the new menu left him.

Thank goodness the drinks are still good!

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  1. I had some nice lobster rolls at Rodney's By Bay the other day. Small, but very tasty.