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Jul 13, 2009 04:25 AM

alternative to starfish (seafood)

enjojed starfish last year Aug after the baseball game. Coming up this year is there an alternative to starfish as I ahve read some not so good reports or is it still good. will be up this week Friday.
lively atmoshere appreciacted
What about Rodney's?

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  1. Rodney's OK for 'raw'. However, prefer Zee Grill if you wanted good hot food as well.

    1. Oyster Boy is good for raw also.

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        they've gotten better for cooked as well i think. had an oyster pot pie there the other night that was very very good. my only complaint is that it could have used more oysters but otherwise it was absolute perfection for the pastry (something i nearly never see for pot pies and often refrains me from ordering one) and a delicious cumin-y stewy center.

        beware though that the list they currently have on paper does not reflect what they actually have in house for oysters (look at the blackboard for this) and that they're much more casual and less boisterous because of the smaller cozier venue and that i think they've become more of a regulars resto than a new trendy place.

      2. Patrick McMurray who owns StarFish has opened up a more casual place called Ceili Cottage with a large patio. It is still working out the kinks as far as service but the food is very good including a smaller selection of oysters - here is the link:

        as well as a link in Chowhound discussing it:

        1. I think either Rodney's or Oyster Boy would probably suit. Both have the lively kind of atmosphere you're seeking and they're easily accessible from the Rogers Centre (Zee would mean going further afield).

          If you did enjoy Starfish, the owner just opened a new spot called Ceili Cottage ( It's an Irish pub, but they are doing oysters and the smattering of seafood on the menu is probably well prepared (note: this is speculative... I haven't visited yet). Atmosphere will definitely be lively and it won't break your bank. .

          1. thank for the help. any other suggestions

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              The newish Rodney's By Bay has more cooked stuff than the King location.


              I haven't been there myself yet but I recall a thread here on the place.