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Jul 13, 2009 03:49 AM

Restaurants in Snellville, GA

I want to buy my sister a gift certificate for a restaurant close to where she lives, Snellville, GA. The restaurant does not actually have to be in Snellville - just somewhere fairly close by. I don't want fast food, but except for that, I'm open to any ideas. Can someone give me some suggestions? Thanks

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  1. In Snellville itself there's Thai Taste and Sri Thai, both quite nice with great food. There's also Athens Grill which is real simple but the food is also great. Other than that just have her go to Decatur, I'm sure you can find a few threads on here.

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      Does your sister like beer? One of the best beer bars in the Atlanta area is in Snellville (no, really): Summit's Wayside Tavern. On the food front, they try to go beyond the typical bar food. But the beer selection is unbelievable. Here's a link: