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Blue fish

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Got some freshly caught blue fish from a friend last night. Cleaned and fileted for me. Now what?

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  1. How big was the fish? Under 5lbs, grill the fillet simply with olive oil, sea salt and cracked pepper. Let the strong fish flavor sing.


    1. I drizzle fillets with a little white wine and let them sit for at least a half hour. Then I make a mixture of bread crumbs, minced shallot, capers, dijon mustard and a little olive oil (season this with S&P). Spread the mixture on the fillets so it's under 1/2" thick. Bake at 350 just until the fish is done (should be about 25 minutes).

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        I also bake it, topped with shredded/julienned vegetables that have been mixed with teriyaki marinade. Spmetimes as is, sometimes baking it on a bed of cooked rice or store-bought seafood stuffing.

      2. I like it best marinaded in citrus and grilled. Actually I love it smoked too, but don't do that myself. Just make sure to remove the dark parts, they have a strong fishy flavor.

        1. i just slather it with dijon and cracked pepper and broil it. cook it right away though, it doesn't hold at all.

          1. If you have a smoker or a friend with one, I'd brine and smoke some - Smoking really goes well with Bluefish due to the oil content. Then eat with cream cheese or make a smoked bluefish dip. Yum.

            1. You might find some interesting ideas on this thread if you haven't already seen it....


              I still recommend the recipe I linked there, Hazan's rosemary-seasoned bluefish on baked atop crispy, delectable sliced potatoes- one of my favorite one-dish meals.


              1. I love bluefish, so I'll chime in with one more suggestion: saute the fillets on low heat in butter, adding white wine after you flip the fish -- add just enough to surround but not cover the fish. Remove the fish from the pan, check the seasoning, and sauce with a Bechamel to which you've added dill weed, black pepper and horseradish (try to squeeze the liquid out of the horseradish or the sauce will become runny; I use cheesecloth but one could simply press on the horseradish in a small dish, with a spoon, until the juice runs off).

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                  Whatever you do, keep it very cold cook it as soon as you can. It starts with a strong flavour, and it is unusually perishable--gets raunchy tasting very quickly, This is one of those fish that I almost never have anywhere other than seaside, where I know it should be as fresh as possible.