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Jul 12, 2009 11:12 PM

Studio Cafe: New Review: Saturday,July 11.

This past Saturday,July 11, I had a late lunch at Studio Cafe (at 5:00:PM) It was not on their menu: but the waiter knows me. I had a large salad: beefsteak tomatoes,boston lettuce,in a light,nice raspberry balsamic dressing. It was very good. Service was good. Later in the evening,about 8:00:PM, had late supper at Yitzes Deli. Soup of the day: Barley+Mushroom: it was ok. Thick,but tasty,enjoyable. Sandwich : Hot Tongue on Rye. excellent. Really enjoyed it. Think Yitzes still one of Toronto's better delis. Haven't been to Moe Pancers in many years. Exploring Jewish (? Kosher?) Delis of Thornhill area. Anything worth trip? I don't drive. (Use TTC,or local transit) Question for chowhounds: Sebastians in London (Ont) Still exist? Where? Where can I find sugar-free cookies? Want to buy them as present before an August trip to Southern New Jersey for a cousin (he's a diabetic) Does President's Choice make any low sugar or sugar free cookies? Anyone been back to "The Dump" (Spadina + Lonsdale) ? Marc.

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  1. Marc,

    You have packed a lot into your post! I think the best delis in Toronto are Caplansky's on College street and the Centre Street Deli on Centre Street in Thornhill. I personally have never been to Caplansky's but the "skinny" on it seems to be really good.

    I have never heard of the Dump at Spadina and Lonsdale and I've lived in the 'hood since 1987. Would you possibly mean the Village Restaurant which is sometimes knwon as the "Rant?

    Glad you liked the Studio Cafe at the Four Seasons.. I personally find it over-priced. The setting and service is really lovely, though.