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Jul 12, 2009 10:16 PM

Cape Cod - Grocery shopping/farmstands/speciality stores

Hi all , we are heading to the Cape next week - Truro area and wanted to get some feed back on where everyone gets their produce,bread, meat from.

Our rental starts at Saturday - so we are heading to the Cape early (to avoid traffic) from Boston. Looking for a good place to eat lunch, pick up groceries before heading up to Truro.

Last year we bought a lot of groceries from the Grand Union in Provincetown but was not that impressed and prices were high. How is the Trader Joes in Hyannis? or the Orleans farmers market? Trying to come up with an itinerary. I guess I can purchase a bunch of stuff in Boston before heading to the Cape but I'm worried about the produce sitting in the car from 8:00am to 3:00pm!

Also, last year we visited Terra Luna for dinner and thought it was great - I was wondering if someone would be able to compare Black Fish to Terra Luna. Is it loud in Black Fish? i.e. if we took our 3 month old baby would it be inappropriate? If so, is there another spot we should try? Wicked oyster in wellfleet or somewhere in Provincetown (Red Inn? Mews?) I want to go to a nice dinner (annivesary) but with baby in tow, I need to make sure the dining room is not completely hush and quiet. The baby is pretty good - just hangs out in her carseat, sleeping...

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  1. There is a farm stand we go to at 300 Route 6 in the same little shopping center as Cape Tip Seafood.

    The Grand Union has become a Stop & Shop.

    There is also a Farmers Market in Orleans on Saturday Mornings.

    We do our big stock-up at the Provincetown Farmers Market on Saturdays from 11 to 4 pm.

    Here's a report from last year. It's small and very busy so give yourself time to shop.


    1. Just got back from Wellfleet last night. Trader Joe's in Hyannis is a good, typical TJ's, with very good pricing, but nothing local. There's a very large Super Stop and Shop in Orleans just off the rotary that probably has better prices than anything in PTown.

      Because of the crappy weather we've been having, the farmer's markets are running late on quality local produce (no local tomatos or corn yet, for example), though there are some of the other items you'd expect. The farmers market in Orleans is very good, but very small, maybe 5 or 6 real vendors, and there will be lines when it opens at the best places, so get there early if you go.

      In Wellfleet, the fish/produce market in the main parking lot in downtown Wellfleet (Hatch's I believe is the name) had really excellent looking fish, and also good looking (and relatively exotic) produce. It's not cheap, but I think it's worth it, in most cases.

      Black Fin is really good, and when we went last year, quite loud, so it's unlikely that a baby would bother anyone. You can also eat a lovely meal outside at Winslow's Tavern in downtown Wellfleet, same owners as Moby Dick's. It's good, the prices are fair, and the setting is lovely for an early dinner.

      Wicked Oyster is great for breakfast (we went both Sat. and Sunday), and the dinners are also very good, and it's casual enough to bring a well-behaved baby as well.

      Have fun!

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        Don't forget the smoked fish at Hatch's. Delicious (especially the smoked bluefish).

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          Thanks everyone for all the suggestions. I'll try Orleans farmers market and Stop and Shop. Fingers crossed for good weather!

      2. So we are headed to the Harwich area in early August and are wondering the same thing. Any suggestions? We don't know the Cape at all...

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          From Harwich, Orleans isn't too far, and may still be your best bet. Hyannis is "on the way", but it's a bit of a hike off the highway (Rte 6).

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            There's a Stop and Shop in Harwich at the intersection of 39 and 137. There are several seafood places in Chatham—Chatham Fish and Seafood comes to mind. Marion's Pie Shop on Main Street in Chatham has great muffins and pies. They make a clam pie which I have never had, but a friend of mine who grew up in the area says they're great.

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              I'm in Harwich and LOVE Phoenix fruit in Orleans. Also, just off main street in Orleans is both a natural food store and a small gourmet shop that will get anything you'd like. Just right right at the gas station on Main street in Orleans.

            2. Jayk- Since you asked, I wouldn't take the baby to Red Inn. I wouldn't want you to feel uncomfortable and get the hairy eyeball. I love Blackfish...I guess it cn be loud, but if you tell them you are coming with a baby, they can give you a banquette table that ends at the wall, and you can put the car seat ther, next to one of you. There really are no "bad tables", so divulging you are bringing a baby won't get you the "worst table in the house", same with Wicked Oyster.
              I also recommend Trader Joe's even though it has no local, farmer's market produce. The stuff is great and so are the prices. Yes. go to Hatch's (aka, Hatche's) in Wellfleet for smoked fish (esp smk salmon) and stuffies.

              1. Another vote for Wicked Oyster - one of my favorites on the Cape.

                Angel Foods on Commercial St, just before entering the P-town fray is a great place for gourmet/specialty items.

                We LOVE Hatch's, always super fresh! Mac's is also quite good, we usually goto the one in Truro center. There's a gourmet-type grocery in the same plaza.

                Psst... wanna hear a secret? For the best lobsters, call Cheryl on Professional Heights (across from the post office in North Truro) (508) 487-9026. $7 a pound this year, sold from the garage and caught fresh by her husband and son. Nicest folks you'll ever meet - tell them Kevin sent you!

                Angel Foods
                467 Commercial Street, Provincetown, MA