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Jul 12, 2009 10:00 PM

Takoyaki Moulds

Hi fellow CHers,

I'm wondering if any of you might happen to know of places that definitely sell Takoyaki moulds in the GTA. Downtown and TTC accessible would be preferable.

The only places I've checked so far are Sanko and Tap Phong. Both did not appear to carry it, though I may have missed seeing it.

Thanks for any and all suggestions

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  1. I've seen it at MITS at Dundonald and Yonge, I think it may have the heater attached so you just plug it in. They sell the mix too.

    Japanese page at

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    1. re: Teep

      hey teep, i think you're one of the few people that has ever mentioned mits and i keep meaning to go there but never make it... any way i could get a quick run down of what to expect?

      1. re: pinstripeprincess

        They have a small but eclectic stock of food stuff. Some food preparation items (okonomi and takoyaki mixes, nori, noodles etc. - nothing fresh), some snacks, some cooking utensils, and a whole lot of Japanese videos for rental. I go there once in a while because it's close to where I work.

        In the photo from their website, the centre "island" is where all the food stuff is.

        Just remembered an older photo from me showing 2 okonomi mixes and a takoyaki one (on the right) at Mits.

      2. re: Teep


        Thanks so much. I didn't even know of MITS' presence downtown. I'll check it out later this week.

        1. re: daeira

          Bad news, I checked there on my way to pick up some lunch, and they have just moved across the street to a place about 1/8 the size of their previous location. Needless to say their stock is drastically reduced and no more takoyaki moulds or grills. They do have 1 package of the mix remaining for sale.

          The only other place I can think of is Japan Town at Steeles and Woodbine but it's quite a trek on TTC.

          1. re: Teep

            I've seen them at JTown about a year ago. It was one of those small and I believe electric powered.

            1. re: Teep

              Oh no.

              Thanks for checking today Teep. It's unfortunate that they reduced their stock. I was so looking forward to making some takoyaki too. Perhaps I might have to cajole a friend with a car to check the place up in Japan Town.

              My other option might be to try to find a cast iron pan to make those round cakes.

              Thanks anyways. If anybody else might have a suggestion, it would be greatly appreciated.

        2. I have an ebelskiver pan that I bought from William-Sonoma that you would be able to use for this. In case you don't know: an ebelskiver is a small pancake shaped like a sphere (or a takoyaki!) If you're desperate, you can check it out but it'll cost you $40. That being said, I love the pan for pancakes, but I have heard people using it for takoyaki.

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          1. re: Chocolatemama


            Thanks for the alternate recommendation. I was considering those (though I didn't know the name of the little pancakes) and was concerned about the larger size of the pancake mould compared to the Takoyaki mould. It's definitely a viable alternative if I'm unable to locate a pan.

            1. re: daeira

              Having an ebelskiver pan (don't all good boys of danish heritage?) and having just had Takoyaki tonight, I would say that they are relatively comparable in size. The pan I have is from Lodge, and I believe is more in the $20 or so range. W&S may have a larger pan for that larger price it is at, can't say as I am not familiar with that particular model.

              1. re: elrik

                Thanks for the recommendation Elrik. I might just go with the cast iron ebelskiver pan. Where in the city did you purchase your Lodge one?

                1. re: daeira

                  I got mine from the Cooks Place on the Danforth some years ago when I worked there. I would suggest you check with them first before making the trek if it's any distance.

                  501 Danforth Ave.
                  Toronto, ON
                  M4K 1P5
                  (416) 461-5211

                  PS, if you've never tried them, you really have to make some ebelskiver after you get the pan.... so good!

                  1. re: elrik


                    Thanks for the reference. I'll definitely give them a call to see if they still stock them. I did take a trek over to W&S today to see the non-stick version. I'm just reluctant to purchase non-stick cookware and do prefer cast iron.

                    Might you have an ebelskiver recipe worth sharing?

                    1. re: daeira

                      Please post recipes on the Home Cooking board. You can leave a pointer link to in this thread as a heads up. Thanks!

                      1. re: daeira

                        The pan came with a good recipe. I'll try to drum it up and post it to the Home Cooking board as our admins request should I find it.

                        And EEWWWWW I didn't realise the W&S one was a non-stick. I wouldn't think a non-stick would be that great for doing either ebelskivers or takoyaki. I would definately look into the lodge pan instead. Here is a link:

                        con- looks like the price has gone up
                        pro- looks like you can just order it online ;



                        1. re: elrik

                          The non-stick ebelskiver pan works great! In fact, I chose it over the cast iron one I saw at another store because it was not as heavy. I have found upon using it that it can even be an advantage because it allows gives you much more control over the heat. With a cast iron, if your heat was a little too high, taking it off the stove won't help as much as when you remove the non-stick. I have seen some pretty burnt-looking ebelskivers coming out of the cast iron ones. That being said, if you maintained your heat properly you wouln't have any problem either way, but I love my non-stick!!

            2. Just as an update, I recently headed out to The Cook's Place and found an Aebleskiver Pan by Norpro. They no longer carry the Lodge one, but at $16, it's a good starter pan to see whether Takoyaki will work.

              Thanks for all the recommendations. Most appreciated.

              1. A friend of mine purchased a cast-iron one from J-town (Steeles & Woodbine) a year ago. It is a bit of a trek if you're from downtown, but perhaps while you're there, you can try out the cafe there that serves authentic jap food too :)