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Jul 12, 2009 09:18 PM

Brunch recommendation/downtown Seattle

We are visiting Seattle next weekend, and are hosting a brunch to meet my future sister-in-law's family. We will be staying at the Fairmont Olympic hotel downtown. I'm hoping someone can help provide good recommendations for a weekend brunch spot, preferably close to our hotel. We are huge fans of Mothers Bistro in Portland, OR an I would love to find a similar spot in Seattle (excellent comfort food/scratch scones etc). We considered the Georgian, but I fear it is too stuffy, we are looking for excellent food without all that formality. Your suggestions are appreciated.

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  1. Cafe Campagne, at the Pike Place market, is great (love the French French Toast), and surely other hounds can offer more, as your location is prime.

    1. Etta's does a fantastic brunch. Lola is another option.

      1. Howells, Etta's is excellent and the Dahlia Lounge has just started their brunch menu. Another thought is Maximilline's at the Market for a very French (off a menu) approach to brunch.