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Jul 12, 2009 08:41 PM

Indian food in Scarborough

I'm looking for a place in Scarborough that serves decent indian food. I'm not looking for a fancy sit-down place - take out works just fine.

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  1. Bombay Palace - Markham Rd just north of Lawrence

    1. Cuisine of India has a branch on Hwy#7 just east of McCowan. Pretty decent.

      1. - Tandoori Pearl at McCowan/Nugget: i haven't been in a while but i remember they had a great thali (?) plate at lunch time
        - Silver Spoon at Sheppard/McCowan: this place was recomended by a coworker of mine. i thought the food tasted okay but was WAY too spicy for me.
        - Samosa King at Finch/Middlefield - awesome samosas and they have a variety of takeout items

        1. Shahi Karahi at Markham and Lawrence. This one is on Lawrence just east of Markham. Is a dive, so take out only, but their tandoor dishes are amazing and the rest are really good as well. Nice prices too, make sure to check out the daily specials.

          There is also a vegetarian Gujarati place around Bombay palace. Can't recall the name but it starts with a G and is an indian name.... my mother in-law (who's family is from that general part of india) says that it is very much like good home cooking though I haven't had the pleasure of trying the place yet.