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Jul 12, 2009 07:52 PM

Sripraphai overrated

I've eaten there a few times and have never felt wowed. Between me and my friend, we had masaman curry with chicken, yellow curry with also chicken, saute Chinese broccoli with crispy pork, and drunken noodles with beef. I didn't care for the masaman at all, sweet and watery, tasted like curry, rubbery chicken, no subtle flavor at all. Broccoli with pork was OK but not outstanding. The other two dishes were spicy but mediocre as well. Everything was just blah. Can someone recommend some real Thai restaurants?!! Thanks!

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  1. Looks like you ordered badly. Maybe try other dishes that Sripraphai is known for. Also do a search and you'll find a slew of recommended dishes. Not knowing anything about your previous experience with different regional styles of Thai cuisine, I'm not sure what to recommend for you. Not sure what you consider really good Thai food. Can you expound on what you thought was mediocre about your dishes?

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      drunken noodles with ground beef is always excellent at Srip, no bad ordering there. We get it all the time. We always order shrimp and other seafood dishes, not chicken. Where you there on weekends or during the week?

    2. I love their Massaman w/ chicken. Where else do you get huge chunks of stewed chicken the fall apart like that instead of the usual little stir-fried pieces. I find it rich and hearty and have never had Massaman that good anywhere else!

      I've never loved their Chinese Broccoli w/ Crispy Pork, as mentioned on a few threads. Zabb's is superior.

      1. There's about half a dozen "real" Thai restaurants within a mile or two of Sri.

        Centerpoint which is literally a block away from Sri
        Ploy Thai
        Chao Thai
        Boon Chu

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          Rhual or whatever it's called in the space that was Uthai...I call it Rupaul. I always see them serving authentic stuff off the menu to the thai speakers...

          And there's gonna be and 61st in what used to be Broadway, next to Veggie Monster, finally has a sign "coming soon...Thai and Shabu" so it could be mediocre thai and japanese fusion or something...or it could be good. I know Zabb serves hot pots.

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            Thanks for the recommendations! I've tried Chao Thai and liked it. Not the best Crispy pork w/ Chinese broccoli, but great noodle dishes. Will try the others.

            Chao Thai
            85-03 Whitney Ave, Queens, NY 11373

            1. re: pinkylechat

              Chao Thai is an Isaan restaurant, so make sure to get Isaan specialties there, like the salads, larb, and Isaan or/and Northern sausages.

          2. We always go back to Sri because the food's consistent, their bathrooms are usually clean, they're somewhat kid friendly, and we're lazy to try other places. We always order:
            - bbq pork tenders, fantastic
            - masaman w beef
            - drunken noodles w chicken
            - pad see eow w pork
            - green papaya salad

            Have been to Zabb and Chao Thai. Will definitely try the others listed here.

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              Many people always go back to McDonald's because the food's consistent, their bathrooms are usually clean, they're somewhat kid friendly, and they're lazy about trying other places. But on the other hand, I've not been back to Sri lately becuase the food's better in surrounding Thai restaurants.

            2. I think last year SRI was number one in NYC for "cleanest restaurant" on the Dept of Health listings, or whoever lists that info. . . .

              We have always eaten well at SRI. Some dishes better than others, but never a bad one and always better than the Thai options in Manhattan. Chao Thai also has been good.