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Jul 12, 2009 07:42 PM

Downtown Indianapolis Dinner

My sister and I will be at the Residence Inn Downtown on Canal for 1 night. We are going to a concert at the Murat Theatre. Is there a good place nearby to go for dinner before the concert? Criteria: 1) Not too pricey, 2) No long waits since we have a short window for dinner, 3) Fairly casual, 4) We are flexible as far as cuisine...could be mexican with margaritas, wine with appetizers, a good place to get a fun cocktail....


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  1. Euphoria or Creation Cafe in Buggs Temple.

    I think Creation might be the better fit since they may be a bit quicker but you could also eat at the bar in Euphoria. If the weather is as nice when you're here as it is now - sit outside and enjoy the view!

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    1. re: Cookiefiend

      I love Euphoria and think you'd be happy there, but I'm not sure how easy the transportation will be. It's not excessively far, but it's not really within a comfortable walking distance either, and I don't know whether there is public transportation (cab or bus) that you can rely on. I'm not saying there isn't; I just don't know. If you want to stay within a more comfortable walking distance, another option might be Barcelona Tapas. It's quick, fun, and the location is good for where you're going. They have a website that I'm sure you can find if you're interested.

      There are several other options on Mass Ave that are very close to where you'll be, but I'd do either Euphoria or Barcelona if it were me.


    2. R Bistro or Chatham Tap on Mass Ave. You can walk down the Avenue to the Murat.

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        Agreed. Especially because of the quality of food R Bistro is putting out at the price.