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Jul 12, 2009 07:30 PM

Archer Farms Spice Bottles.

If anyone is familiar with the glass bottles that archer farms spices comes in, I'd like to know where I can buy them, unlabeled and empty.

Something similar would work, but my spice collection is a mess, and I've been buying spices at a local spice shop, so I need something refillable, and I want them to match!!.

I definitely want glass, don't want/need a shaker top. Frosted/dark glass would be great, but not a necessity.

I found some on amazon, but they're $2.73 before shipping, which seems absolutely insane to me, considering you can get one filled with spice for a few cents more.

I know something's out there, and I know a CH'er has found it!!

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  1. Archer Farms is Target's house brand in their food section. Does this help you? The spices might be sold individually in the stores, I didn't find anything on a quick glance at the web site, but you might have better luck.

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      Yeah, I know that, I'm just wondering where i can buy the bottles EMPTY. Since I have a bunch of little baggies of spices from the local spice shop. Thank you though!!

    2. Penzeys sells their glass jars empty (online and in the catalog). I don't remember what the archer farms bottles look like, so I don't know if the penzeys bottles would work for you. I would check places like penzeys (spice companies), and maybe the container store. I have little metal cans from dean and deluca and I have found empty ones at the container store (which were kinda pricey) and at Michaels (which were cheap). So maybe try Michaels and other craft type stores too.

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        ah, yes, i hadn't even thought of michaels, thank you

      2. To anyone who may find it useful, has a number of solutions that I think will work for me, for about less than 50 cents a bottle!! thanks for all the suggestions.

        1. I don't know what the Archer Farms bottles look like, but when I made the switch to a uniform spice collection, I bought small metal containers from a wedding favor store online. You would be amazed at how many different containers are out there for wedding favors - glass bottles included!

          Lab supply stores would also sell glass bottles/containers for a good price (and you know they are clean and sterile!)

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            If you have a Cost Plus World Market nearby, you might find something unique you really like there. I found some glass ginger style jars with stoppers for a dollar a piece. Perfect for putting Nutmeg, Cinnamon Sticks, Bay Leafs in.

          2. I also am looking for Archer Farms spice jars. I have all 8 of them purchased from Target but have about 18 additional spices that would fit nicely in those jars in my newly renovated kitchen cabinet spice drawer. I cannot find them filled or empty. Something simple like paprika is not offerred. Perhaps someone from the company can take this line further.

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              Try They have a wide selection of bottles at very good prices.