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Jul 12, 2009 07:09 PM

Quiet place for (potentially long) conversation

Where's a good place that I could meet a friend to catch up over dinner? Somewhere that wont rush us in and out, and that's not too expensive. Everything's game!

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  1. If it's mid-week or an off night you could try the back room at Napoleon House. Not the courtyard, but the room with windows facing Chartres. After a VERY stressful day we found ourselves all alone in there. We just kicked back, enjoyed Pimms Cups and just chilled for a loooong time. It was the perfect remedy to a tough day.

    1. I can think of a few-just depending on when you are going (weeknight v. weekend) Try Delachaise on St. Charles, Ralph's on The Park (they have a special currently running that is 30.00 per person and includes three appetizers and a glass of wine) Sara's is a great place to try(eclectic Creole/Asian) phenomenal food and a warm and unrushed atmosphere, At Muriel's you can enjoy dinner and retire to the Seance Room for conversation and cocktails, or a window seat at Vizards. Hope this helps.

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        Vizard's may not be a good idea only because of the noise level. Great food at a decent price, but probably not the place for an extended conversation. My husband brought this up this morning when we were discussing quiet and leisurely places for dining.

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          I love the Delachaise and agree you could sit there for a long time, but in terms of the noise level, it's a victim of its own popularity. I've been in there on weeknights, even Mondays, and it's usually pretty loud.

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          1. Martinique Bistro has a lovely courtyard and a stellar menu.
            If you do hold a table on a busy weekend night, pls tip accordingly.

            Also a sidewalk table at Cafe Granada, where you can linger over dinner.

            1. I had a lovely three hour dinner one thursday night at Coquette's (upstairs, it is much quieter). We found the service perfect; excellent yet relaxed.

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                Bourbon House would be a great place for that beautiful restaurant and fairly quiet