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Jul 12, 2009 07:00 PM

Chow near Milwaukee Zoo: Peony, etc.

Took my son to the Milwaukee Zoo today and was wondering where to eat afterwards. Yelp told me that there was a place nearby, Peony, that served dim sum -- this seemed worth a trip since I live in the dim sum dead zone of Madison.

Peony looked deserted and to be frank kind of closed at 5pm on a Sunday but was actually open and serving a full dim sum menu -- and when I say "full," I mean "long," with lots of choices I didn't recognize. I stayed mostly with the familiar, trying to pick out stuff my three-year-old would like. Siu mai and moist, interestingly crunchy shrimp dumplings were the best dishes. BBQ pork bun was BBQ pork bun. Turnip cake was a little overcooked but had sausage in it in addition to roast pork, which was a novelty for me. I only glanced at the entree menu, but it too looked like it featured a lot of appealing and non-standard dishes. I'd totally go here again if I were in the neighborhood -- except that actually my three-year-old didn't like anything.

So more generally, I'm curious -- if you were driving west from the zoo, where would you stop to eat? Of course there is Kopp's in Brookfield, which always works. I read good things about Edwardo's Natural Pizza (which apparently once had a location in Madison) and Bluemound Gardens, which from its menu looks like the kind of traditional overmenued Greek diner which Madison is sadly lacking; but is the food good?

And in general, where else is worth a stop before getting back on I-94W?

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  1. Just off the top of my head, Suburpia Subs is at Bluemound and Highway 100 (you would have driven by it to get to Peony from the zoo) and is my all-time favourite place for subs.

    Guadelupe is at 113th and Bluemound and has MUCH better than average Mexican fare, especially for the west side of town.

    South on hwy 100, Oscar's has 'traditional Milwaukee custard stand' fare with excellent burgers and very good custard. Personally, I think the food is every bit as good as Kopp's and it is never as crowded.

    And much further west on Bluemound, around 195th and in a strip mall, is Bombay Sweets which has excellent Indian food. There is also Tandoor, south on hwy 100, and Dehli Cafe, right near Peony and Guadalupe, but I have not eaten at these places so I cant vouch.

    1. I'm going to Peony's this Saturday, and I'm very excited, as I've never been to a dim sum place before. In terms of service, what can I expect? Do you order a bunch of stuff at once and they bring it out, or do you order as you go?

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        I just ordered off a menu, and the dishes came out at different times, whenever they were ready, I guess. But it may be that at traditional dim sum times (weekend brunch) they serve in traditional dim sum style (different dishes wheeled around on carts, you ask for whatever looks good to you.)