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Jul 12, 2009 06:38 PM

Santa Fe: blue corn pancakes

My parents are coming to visit in a few weeks and, despite our best attempts to lure him in other directions, my dad will not be swayed on his request for blue corn pancakes. None of our usual haunts have them, though I think we saw that they're on Cafe Dominic's menu...Does anyone know of any other options, here or nearby?

Thanks so much!

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  1. Here are some places that "may"have them on menu:
    Tecolote-cafe santa fe
    Tesuque Village Market
    Inn at Loretto
    Cloudcliff Bakery
    Plaza Cafe
    Santa Fe Baking Co. http://www.santafebakingcompanycafe.c...
    You could always make some for him!


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    1. re: DebitNM

      Oooh, thanks! I would never have thought of Inn at Loretto, and I think Santa Fe Baking Company was perhaps the place we kept forgetting had them, since they're not something we normally order. I'm glad we have a couple of options!

      1. re: DebitNM

        DebitNM... The restaurant at Cloud Cliff Bakery on Second Street has been closed for more than a year.

        They DO still bake commercially providing bread for resale to area markets and selling themselves at the Farmer's Market..

        1. re: fyfas

          sorry, my bad about the Cloud Cliff. Hopefully the others listed were good leads.

      2. The Tecolote Cafe on Cerriolos has the best, but be sure to ask for the real maple syrup (they charge a little extra) because fake syrup is....yuck. Also they are rather big, my dad has a hard time finishing 1, and they have pinons in them.

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        1. re: ma_bell_deve

          Thank you! Have you happened to have them at Tecolote recently? We actually took him there last time he was in town, certain they would have them, and they didn't! (I think they did have blue corn french toast, however...) We love Tecolote, but haven't been recently, so it would be great if we had this excuse to go back.

          1. re: jgrhodes

            My Fiance had them when we were there in March... maybe they just happened to be out one day?

        2. I highly recommend the blue corn pancakes at Luminaria restaurant, at the Inn and Spa at Loretto. Absolutely delicious. They're topped with a flavored whipped cream that I can't resist, and pinon-infused maple syrup. Yum.

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          1. re: avivale

            Thanks, that's great to hear! I looked at the menu based on DebitNM's post and thought it sounded fantastic, so it was already a frontrunner!

            1. re: avivale

              "pinon-infused maple syrup"

              Any idea how they do that? Sounds awesome.

              1. re: maple99

                Very simply, there are whole pinons (pine nuts) in the little cup of syrup you're served. If they do anything beyond that, I couldn't tell you what.

            2. A friend had the blue corn pancakes for breakfast this weekend at the Inn of the Anasazi restaurant. I had a taste and they were excellent. Served with blueberries and real maple syrup.

              1. Tecolote Cafe has the best. And ma bell d is right about the real maple syrup.
                Tesuque Village Market & the Plaza Restaurant are both good. Had some Sunday at the Plaza as a matter of fact.