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Dining options in and around Belmar NJ

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Will be visiting the Belmar area often this summer and am looking for some restaurant recommendations. Would like some casual and more upscale options, as well as those with water views and a bit of nightlife. Any cuisine is fine and willing to venture to surrounding towns.


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  1. Some Suggestions In Belmar

    Matisse - More Upscale - Waterview

    Boom Burgers - Casual

    Kaya's Kitchen - Casual Delicious Vegetarian Food

    Hope this helps.

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      Not that I usually disagree with Shabby but I would pass on Matisse and drive up to Asbury Park and do Stella Marina for the waterview (its more than casual but I wouldn't classify it as upscale).

      1. re: bgut1

        And start with a cocktail upstairs at Watermark.

        1. re: white light

          I agree with the Watermark recommendation. It is the "real deal" when it comes to well made cocktails.

    2. in the opinion of this belmar resident.... most of the dining options in town are very disappointing. kaya's just ok... connolly station is lousy... don's pizza king is good, for pizza... I can't suggest Viva's with 100 percent confidence, but it's not nearly terrible... boom is really pretty good but IMHO possibly the best food in Belmar can be found at 10th Avenue Burrito (forget Surf Taco)...

      good choices in bradley beach, spring lake and if you follow RGR's advice and drive up to Asbury, give Langosta Lounge and Taka a shot

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        LOL! You are confusing me with bgut1! Trust me. We don't look anything alike! I've never been to Lagosta Lounge or Taka. In fact, I can't remember the last time I went to Asbury Park.

        1. re: RGR

          Too funny. I had thought that maybe I missed a post that had been removed by the Mods.
          You're right R. I don't think anyone can get us mixed up! :)

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            sincerest apologies, hope neither of you were offended!... never met either of you and, to be honest, your opinions are so in tune and within a few comments on many boards, my brain just saw rgr instead of bgut1... this is getting scary!

            SO, to clarify: If you follow BGUT1's advice and drive up to Asbury, give Langosta Lounge and Taka a shot

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              No apologies necessary. I am in fact honored that you confused me with my good friend RGR. We were just having a little fun with the mistake.

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                I agree with my pal, bgut, that you don't need to apologize. It is quite easy to see why your mind played that trick on you since, as you say, he and I do see eye-to-eye in our commentaries most of the time.

                Hey, the next time there's a Hound get-together, you should come and meet us in person. After that, I guarantee you will never again confuse one of us for the other! ;)

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                  Agreed. The more the merrier.

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                    Speaking of Hound get-togethers, am I to understand the Atlantic Highlands event has been canceled?

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                      Not to my knowledge, Mark. I did notice that the post about it is no longer pinned at the top of the board. However, I have not heard anything from seal to indicate that the get-together is off.

          2. This was one of those posts that was on Tri State then moved to Mid Atlantic.
            Normally I would not answer a question for the jersey shore but did not want it to go unanswered.
            Definitely follow the advice of BGUT1 AKLEIN and RGR below they know!

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              My experience in Belmar is actually very limited as we don't do much dining in Shore towns. But I would definitely recommend Boom Burger.

            2. The suggestions to go to Asbury Park are right on...the Boardwalk has Stella Marina and Longosta and there are others in town that are good and fun.

              1. If you want to stay in Belmar I'd check out either Brandl's, Viva's, or maybe Casa Solar.

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                  White Light - I would normally agree with both Viva's and Casa Solar but reviews of late would make me hesitant in recommending either restaurant. With regard to Brandl, all I can say is I used to be a fan (with "used to" being the operative words). Therefore, unless the OP is interested in grabbing a burger at Boom, I would say "go north young man" to Asbury Park.

                2. Food geek guide to the area:

                  Green salsa from Taqueria dos Hermanos on 71.
                  Get a whole fish from Klien's and grill it.
                  Matt's farm market is starting to get the bounty of the season.
                  Pork roll, egg, and cheese from Seabreeze on 71 in Spring Lake Heights.
                  Niman Ranch pork chops and aged, prime beef at Tom Bailey's Market in Spring Lake.

                  1. The best food in Belmar is at Brandl's, although it is grossly overpriced. The best burger in the area is at Boom (in the mall near the train station). In the same mall is Vivas - fantastic food. Casa Solare on main street is also fantastic. Skip Matisse - their food is really mediocre. For really great seafood, try Shipwreck Grille in Brielle (about a 15 minute trip). Seagrass in Ocean Grove is another great place. The best chicken cheesteak I've ever had is at Don's on Main in Belmar. 10th St. Burrito is really good for take out.

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                      We tried the $35, three course “Lazy Lobster” special at Brandl last night. The food, especially the signature entrée, was delicious. The service was efficient, polite, and attentive. I could see how some of the menu items might be viewed as overpriced, but I found this special to be worth every penny.

                      1. re: MGZ

                        Agreed. Forgetting the price, Brandls is the best food in the area by far. Was the Lazy Lobster a Risotto dish? I've had that in the past and it is heaven.

                        1. re: bnemes3343

                          Well, for my 2 cents, the special Lazy Lobster deal is the only reason to go to Brandl now. As long as that is what you want to eat, this is a great bargain. They also have good specials on Wednesdays, and the third Tuesday of every month they have a 4 course dinner for $45 that I enjoyed the one time I had it. Otherwise, Brandl has pretty much priced themselves out of worthwhileness (is that a word?).

                          Echo also the recs for a drive into Asbury - at least one or two trips a few miles north will get you more than a few good choices. As will a drive south to Shipwreck Grille and across the bridge into Point Pleasant.

                          Sorry I missed this thread earlier, btw as I just noticed the question about the AMA chowdown. Yes, it is cancelled and has been replaced by something more suited to a night of fun for 12 or more hounds.

                          1. re: seal

                            Bargain? The Lazy Lobster is the most expensive main on their menu ($35). In visiting their website just now, it appears that their prices are more reasonable than they used to be. Still pricey, but not as ridiculous as before. Most of their mains are in the 20s.

                            1. re: bnemes3343

                              bnemes - the fact that the lobster alone is normally $35 is the reason that the Sunday Lobster Deal, with a bowl of lobster chowder, the Lazy Lobster, dessert and coffee all for $35 is such a bargain.

                              Of course, this is only true if you like the Lazy Lobster, which I must confess, I do ;o)

                              1. re: seal

                                Ahh... Didn't realize they had that deal. Yes, that is a bargain and, yes, the Lazy Lobster is fantastic.

                          2. re: bnemes3343

                            bnemes- Yes, that's the dish - Lobster, risotto, asparagus, sauced with a vanilla butter. Very rich. Very tasty.