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Jul 12, 2009 06:21 PM

Finding Mexican Pulque in Echo Park?

So a friend told me that in certain neighborhoods within Echo Park, there are pulque purveyors who come around in a cart.

Now I've never had this drink but am incredibly curious to try it out. Do any of you know of said neighborhoods where you can get it? I'd like to satisfy my curiosity while simultaneously making my friend's dad who has wanted to get his hands on some a happy, happy, man.

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  1. Since pulque is an alcoholic beverage selling it from a cart would be on shaky legal ground. Don't think it ships well, either, and I'm unaware of large stands of maguey in the area.

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    1. re: Akitist

      I'd be happy to be proved wrong, but pulque carts do seem unlikely, for the reasons you stated. There are carts and street vendors selling tejuino, a non-alcoholic beverage made form fermented masa.

    2. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Highly doubtful........
      If you do find out where this cart frequents, let us know!
      I usually have to go to Mexico City to get it!

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        Yeah.... even in Mexico City you have to go to certain 'places' and they sure don't sell it on the street... The first thing that came to mind though is perhaps the OP heard wrong and what was for sale was ponche which at least in my family is still forced into my hand on Holidays... :P


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          Agree, we got it from a friend's Grandfather who had a ranch and made it himself......
          His ranch was about an hour drive out of the city. We went and came back w/5 2 liter Coke bottles of Pulque........which led to a very interesting evening....
          They have it at pretty much every eating establishment around Teotihuacan....had a few pitchers of it there.

        2. re: slowrider

          Try Tlaquepaque Mexico. Kid in the afternoon guides Mule into the square and sings out Pulque. Pours a cup for a buyer, wipes it out with a dirty cloth and then gives it to the next buyer. Now that my friend is drinking Pulque (preferably aged with old rope) for whatever aging it gets.

        3. Yeah I questioned the likelihood of this development as well, that's why I wanted to run it by the CH boards. However, I remain undeterred and will attempt some summer sleuthing in the coming weeks. I'll follow-up if I strike gold.

          1. The only pulque available in the LA area is in a canned version sold in many latino markets and liquor stores.It's about 2 bucks a can and is awful.

            Pulque isn't even widely available in Mexico, let alone Echo Park. I think you have to go to LA........X. Just had some in Mexico City, hope you find the time to track it down, but don't bother with the canned version.

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            1. re: streetgourmetla

              The canned stuff is incredibly bad. Claw it out of your mouth bad.

            2. I've tried the bottled pulque at Northgate Market and 99 Cents Only. Nothing special to me. FYI they are flavored (mango, etc), IIRC about 5% alcohol.

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              1. re: DiveFan

                These don't have the consistency of pulque nor the flavor.Terrible.