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Jul 12, 2009 06:21 PM

Tapas in Westchester - Espana, Milonga or Peniche?

What's the best spot for tapas in mid- or central Westchester? Espana in Larchmont, Milonga in North White Plains, or Peniche in White Plains? What's the good, the bad and the ugly on each? Thanks!

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  1. I have only been to Peniche and the service was so atrocious it almost ruined the evening. 2nd glass of wine never came, a couple dishes were inexplicably left off the order so they came and HOUR later. On top of that it was impossible to talk to anyone about the missing dishes and empty wine glasses... we eventually had to walk around and practically pin someone down, and we are not uppity diners by any mens. Just every step of the way was amateur-hour. The food while most was tasty was not a great value--small portions (for the raciones not the tapas!) and some stuff was tasteless like the fluke crudo. Chorizo while yummy at 1st, shortly became hard as a rock. Also my friends mostly eat fish and the online menu and tons of fish. When we got there it was mostly meat and a little shellfish. Let's just say it was was a strange evening.... I'd love to hear about Milonga and EspaƱa.

    1. Have been to Milonga for dinner, they don't really focus on tapas, unfortunately. There is a main dining room which has a separate menu from their tapas bar. We chose to eat in the main dining area. The food was good, a mix of Spanish/Argentine/Italian. (was bummed that yet another Westchester restaurant had to put chicken parm on the menu) There are a few of the tapas dishes that crossover to both menus, which we had, and they were all nice. Presentation is a little over the top. The main drawback for the tapas area in my opinion is that it looked small and a little sports bar-ish, more like a drinks after work type space than a "tapas and wine bar". Service was good. Chef is from Tango Grill- if you search this board there is a big post about this place, most people seem to like it. Just not the refined, authentic tapas bar I thought it would be.
      From the NY Times 7/3/09:

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        I agree, for the most part, with the above In Re.: Milonga. I have had two very good meals there and have sent a few friends there as well who also gave me nice reports.

        As for tapas, TPTB there made a business choice: While one could "make tapas" from the apps on main menu, for the full tapas menu one had to eat int the rather nice bar area.

      2. Went to Espana and had a great meal... especially recommend the clams with white beans and chorizo and the bacalao/ratatouille timbale. Extremely friendly service at very fair prices. A winner!