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Jul 12, 2009 06:21 PM

Anniversary dinner with wine for each course

My brother and his wife will be celebrating their 1st wedding anniversary in September. They both love wine and french or italian food.

Can you recommend a place that offers a 3, 4 or 5 course menu with wine for each of the courses? I would like to treat them so I want to prepay the dinner for them and then all they have to do is enjoy the food and wine. I contacted Crush and they can do a tasting menu for about $80-$90 per person but I'm assuming a tasting menu won't have good portion sizes. I am not looking for huge portions but a good portion size. Also my sis in law doesn't eat crab, beef or pork but my brother does.

Any recommendations? A romantic atmosphere is a huge plus.


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  1. Did a bit of research on here and on the net and my two choices so far are George and Crush Wine Bar.

    1. I was going to recommend securing a table on the patio at George. It's quite beautiful and romantic with white lights in the trees. Service is excellent and they do a 5-course menu with wine pairings.

      1. Do check out Truffles as well. D'Amato the lady sommelier do wonders with food and wine pairing. Though receiving mixed review in the past about the food but recent feed back from foodie friends pretty positive.

        1. Are there indian restaurants that do wine pairings at all?

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            I'm not aware of any that do any more. It just didn't have enough traffic to make it worthwhile.
            Even by-the-glass selections are few and far between.
            There is an excellent attempt at Indian Rice Factory

            However, the place is hardly romantic and the service has always been problematic when I've been there, although the food is certainly acceptable.

          2. Amuse Bouche is a sort of "secret" restaurant that can be very romantic (lovely front patio). They offer tasting menus and I suspect they would accommodate your request for wine pairings.

            The Host has always been very reliable for Indian food and they now have a new outpost called 259 which looks a bit fancy-er (and potentially more romantic) than their digs on Prince Arthur. Their web site has a respectable enough wine list so they might be willing to try some pairings for you. I haven't actually been to the new spot but I have enjoyed the Host.

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              I think you and estufarian misread......Tochowgal wrote ITALIAN not Indian .
              Noce is nice, for Italian. Le Select has lovely French food.
              No wait...I see a posting I missed! Yes she did mention Indian. Sorry.
              BUt there is better than Indian rice Factory.....try Amaya . More upscale for an anniversary. I am not sure if they will do wine pairings but i am sure in todays' economy, most decent places should accommodate you.

              1. re: froglegs

                I don't think so

                "Are there indian restaurants that do wine pairings at all?"