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Jul 12, 2009 05:43 PM

Montreal anniversary meal?

My husband and I are coming to Montreal for the first time in a couple of weeks to celebrate our 10th anniversary. We're looking for a fun, romantic, delicious meal out - not absurdly expensive, but we don't mind spending $$$ for a great experience (we're from NYC, so we're used to high prices). Was thinking about Le Local, DNA, Europea or Toque - can anyone help me choose (or recommend somewhere else)? Thanks!

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  1. Hi,

    I would stay away from Le Local, as it is very loud, and service has been known to be an issue - often. The food is good, but the "other" issues could make the meal less than stellar. I would without a doubt recommend Europea first, DNA second and Toque last, but so last it's not even funny. You do not get your money's worth. In my opinion it's all reputation and not real good eats.

    Happy anniversary!!

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      I'll second Europea. Go for the Table D'Hote or the 9-course tasting menu. You'll get lots of small, delicious courses, more than specified on the menu. And it's reasonably priced.

    2. I went to Graziella twice and liked it very much both times. I can't say it is a romantic place though but the food is excellent! We were 6 people eating so I was able to try out a lot of their menu items and not one was disappointing.

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        I would highly recommend Le club chasse et pêche. I went twice and both times the food was perfectly executed, the staff friendly and knowledgable and the atmosphere could be described as romantic. It will cost you though. Last time I went was 4 years ago but from what I read it still is very good. Le cinquième péché could also be considered. I was there with my wife last year and really enjoyed the meal. It is more of a bistro with only a couple of tables. Both restaurants have websites if you'd like to know what's on the menu right now.

        Hope this helps!

      2. Another suggestion would be La Montee. Meets all your criteria, not too expensive either, considering.

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          I agree with La Montee for the food and the great wines but I, personally didn't like the feel of the place that much when I went last month. But I have to say I still drool at the thought of the lacquered pork belly and even more when I think of the wines I had. You have to be careful there because the bill can grow quite fast with the wine.

        2. I would also discourage you from Le Locale. A nice restaurant - but I did not find the food was worth the price. I have been to DNA and found the service stellar, and the food very good.

          1. DNA is my current favourite high-end resto in Montreal. The food is stunning and the service is excellent. I've gone with people with severe food allergies/restrictions and the servers/chef were absolutely charming and accommodating. I have been wowed every time (been thrice) by the pasta/risotto/gnocchi course.

            For a romantic supper, somewhere like Au Cinquieme Peche might have a better atmosphere. I also went to Laloux recently and loved it.