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Jul 12, 2009 05:37 PM

Roses Berry Farm, Glastonbury CT

I have been obsessed with their jam since I moved to the area so I finally decided to share this info with my fellow hounds. Their raspberry jam is amazing. I have hooked people on it all over the US. When I visit others I always bring some since I have made so many believers out of our house guests. The other berry flavors aren't anything special in my opinion, but the raspberry is nothing short of amazing. Go buy some now. It does have seeds, just to warn you if seedless is your preference.

They have a store at their farm in S. Glastonbury or a roadside stand on Hebron Ave/Rt 94 just east of downtown Glastonbury.

$5 a jar but so worth it.

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  1. I thought this post was going to be about the Berry Farm itself. (We've not tried their raspberry jam but will make a point to buy some).

    The prices at Rose's are high for pick-your-own. The brunch on the terrace is awful and very limited, and the terrace is usually very hot. If there're a lot of cars in the lot the dust clouds sometimes float up that way. Yep, Rose's is a place to take the kids once or twice, but I don't like it.

    1. OK, quid pro quo--I've been picking since I was a kid. If you like to pick, keep going and try Belltown Orchards. It's so pretty up there and we like it better than Rose's. And for a really different jam, try Dondero Orchards' Hot Pepper Jelly (if memory serves, I believe it is also $5). I picked it up at the Chester Farmers' Market, but they're in G'bury, too.

      Hmmmm, since when are they "Belltown HILL Orchards," I wonder?

      I, for one, am longing for raspberry-pickin' time so I can make brownies with native fruit (Ghirardelli's recipe + 1/4 cup berries + 1/4 cup white chocolate chips or shavings). Don't say the kat never gave you anything. ;) Anyone have a favorite raspberry picking place?

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      1. re: kattyeyes

        I've been going to rose's berry farm for strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and pumpkins since i was tiny, and to belltown orchards for apples, pears, and peaches for the same amount of time. I love them both, but belltown is a more enjoyable experience

        1. re: kubasd

          It really is pretty close to heaven up there, isn't it? :) I'm glad it isn't just me. My heart belongs to Belltown.

        2. re: kattyeyes

          Never knew about Belltown (Hill) Orchards. Thanks for the tip.

          1. re: kattyeyes

            My beef with Rose's is that it's a berry police state -- they assign you to one blueberry plant and want you to make sure you've picked the bush clean before asking to go to another bush. They do this to manage the crowds they get and maximize their bush yield, but it was really annoying.

            At dondero, it's much more pleasant and relaxed. You go into the blueberry grove and have at it.

            1. re: Uncledave

              I am almost ashamed to admit this but I have never picked my own berries! I have never heard of Belltown Orchards either but I almost never find myself in East Hampton.

              I have only bought jam from Roses and have only been impressed with the raspberry. Their pre-picked berry prices are high. I was in there a few weeks ago getting my raspberry jam fix and the going rate was $6/qt. for strawberries.

              1. re: mels

                OOPS, Belltown Orchards is in Glastonbury not East Hampton (I know East Hampton is known as "Belltown"). Definitely try picking next time. It's beautiful weather for it this week!

                1. re: kattyeyes

                  Ha! I just assumed Belltown = E Hampton. Didn't realize it is in S. Glastonbury, guess I should have checked the website. I'll have to check it out for my blueberry needs. Thanks all for the recommendation.

              2. re: Uncledave

                Yes, berry police state is apt (and kinda funny!)!

                1. re: kattyeyes

                  Funny to read this today as we just went to Roses for breakfast today. I never pick there as they truly are berry police and do not even think of taking children with you to pick there. As I made friends on the long line waiting for breakfast I steered most pickers to Belltown or Donderos. I absolutely love the raspberry squares at Belltown and can certainly not resist the Fruit of the Farm pie. FYI- they sell the pie crust frozen and it makes for great quche shells.

                  1. re: askeenan

                    Sorry i forgot to mention that if you subscribe to the Roses newsletter they have a $5 off of $20 coupon. Hmmm thats like one jar of jam for free.

                    1. re: askeenan

                      HA HA HA, that's hysterical. Good for you, converting the pickers to the good places. :)

                      Now, here is a dirty little secret about Fruit of the Farm pie--and I love it, too, so I understand the "can't resist" factor. I thought that was the fruit of the farm where I bought it, but I have seen the exact "fruit of the farm" pie in many other roadside orchards. If you look closely, you'll notice it is "fresh baked" (as in baked at the farm), but I'm fairly certain those yummy pies are mass-produced elsewhere. Still, I can't resist 'em, either. In fact, I could go for a slice RIGHT NOW! Please correct me if I've interpreted this incorrectly and they actually make those pies on site at Belltown.

                      1. re: kattyeyes

                        Nope you are correct, I think they fill and bake them on the premises but the filling is not from their own farm. A bunch of us decided to compare Draghis and Belltowns pie one day and we were not able to find any discernible difference.

                        1. re: askeenan

                          Oh yeah and why we are talking about local farms .... I dare some of you to stop by Gottas in Portland and try a cinnamon stick. This was my number 1 pregnancy craving for my last born. They are wonderful. Since Glastonbury is extremely lacking in the bakery department I rely heavily on the local orchards for help in entertaining guest.

                          1. re: askeenan

                            Exactly. And same for other orchards nowhere near South Glastonbury. ;) Still, the pies are good.

                            I'm with you--Glastonbury could stand a good bakery in a big way as I can think of NONE. Whatever the one is heading north from Char Koon absolutely sucks. I forget the name. You know the one, I'm sure. We went a few months back and I'll never return. I used to like at least their muffins way back when. What a waste of calories. Thank goodness for the farm stands!

                            1. re: kattyeyes

                              farm stands are amazing.... but i prefer my own plants ;-) hehe. but if you dont' have your own plants, there is nothing to compare with eating fruits or veggies you picked yourself, berry police or not..... and you gotta admit, their stuff is pretty quality

                              1. re: kattyeyes

                                Boy do I agree Glastonbury needs a good bakery. I never understood how a town this size and affluence could not have a bakery. There are many bagel places and a number of Dunkin Donuts (5 to be exact) but when the best place to buy a cake is Stop & Shop, you really have to ownder. I also agree that Harpo's in South Glastonbury is aweful. Have had severaal things from there and they were so bad I will not go back. Again Stop & Shop is better. Jay

                                1. re: JayCT

                                  How sad is that (that Stop & Shop is better)--and I agree with you! Thank you for helping me with the name--yes, HARPO'S, that's the BAD bakery.

                                  1. re: kattyeyes

                                    I do agree with you about Harpos, but, the one thing that is quite good from there is the sausage egg and cheese on a hard roll and I do not usually like sausage. I am not sure how it pairs up to others though.

                                    1. re: askeenan

                                      As to bakeries in Glastonbury, one can't really ignore the wonderful breads, pastries, etc. that come from the Whole Foods bakery. They're not cheap, true, but these days, one has to pay for really high quality.

                                      1. re: philbkr

                                        I forgot about Whole Foods. Of course, you're right, but still I agree with Jay--I can't imagine why a town like Glastonbury doesn't have a bakery--a standalone mom & pop shop that cranks out killer baked goods. One would think such an establishment would thrive there.

                                        Oh, and I've had some tasty baked goods at Daybreak, too, but that's not the same thing as an all-out bakery.

                                        1. re: kattyeyes

                                          The other day my wife came home all excited and said that a bakery was opening on Hebron Avenue. She got real sad when I told her it was a glutten free bakery. (sigh...).

                                          I realize that Whole Foods has good bekery items but I agree it is just not the same. Plus the prices just floor me. "Whole Paycheck" indeed. Jay

                                          1. re: JayCT

                                            JayCT, your typo was a hoot! If only there were a bakery where gluttons could eat for free! Thanks for a good morning smile...