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Jul 12, 2009 05:32 PM

Piccasso or Le Cirque for memoriable dinner

Taking my wife for her 30th birthday, and want to do a special dinner, for less then $250 total. It looks like both Le Cirque and Piccasso would fit the bill, she is newly pregnant so no wine will be on the bill. What do you think? Is there an alternate idea? I have heard Alex is great, but she has never been to vegas, I thought it would be nice to see the fountain show during dinner.

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  1. $250 might be pushing it for Picasso if that is supposed to include tax and tip.
    We ate at Picasso about a year ago. It really seemed like they were coasting on their reputation. No complaints about the food but it wasn't really memorable. The room is really nice though.

    I haven't been to Le Cirque so can't comment.
    I liked Circo though.

    Alex might be pushing it for $250 too.

    Daniel Boloud in the Wynn has excellent food and a fairly trippy show.

    1. If you are looking for cutting edge type of food I will say Picasso may not be the best. But beyond that, I cannot think of a better place to take someone, especially for a special occasion. The room @ Picasso is stunning and the fountains outside provide a wonderful backdrop. I know during July it is oppressively hot but if there happens to be a drop in temperature at night try sitting on the patio for a really special evening.

      Yes the menu does not change all that much. But for those that do not go to Picasso all the time you will have wonderful food, expert service (they really tend to bend over backwards for special occasions) and atmosphere that is 2nd to none in Las Vegas.

      I have eaten at Le Cirque once and I fully enjoyed it. It is excellent and the room is quite whimiscal and the service is very good. I personally love the real Picasso's in Picasso and I have always loved their food, not to mention the service!

      1. With the Taste of Wynn program, you will be able to dine at Alex for around $250. Currently for $89 you will get 3 full courses plus an amuse or two. It requires that you dine at certain times however. Check the Wynn website for details. This is a deal not to be missed. Alex has special occasion written all over it. IMO it is a step above Picasso on all levels (except maybe scenery). I have not dined at Le Cirque.

        1. I've recently dined (end of March) at both Le Cirque and Alex, and love both of them, with a preference for Alex. If you're staying at or near the Bellagio, you can always see the fountains. You might not necessarily see the fountains at Picasso depending upon where your table is located. I dined at Picasso 6 years ago, and wasn't as impressed.