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Jul 12, 2009 05:27 PM

Taco More

Of course, scrumptiouschef and Carter B already reported on Taco More long ago:

I like this place more than the taquerias/carts on N Lamar (although El Tacolote's not bad).

My favorite item here is carnitas tacos, tender and moist.
Costillas (ribs), chuletas (pork chops), seafood soup are all pretty good.
They also have whole tilapia (fried, I think).
The usual assortment of tacos, including pastor, fajita, lengua, and cabrito.
Cabrito was disappointingly dry.

At the condiment bar, you'll find
dried chiles, lightly fried and salted
grilled jalapenos
pico de gallo
red, green, orange/peanut salsas
marinated onions
sliced cucumbers
radish matchsticks

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  1. Had a nice thick slice of tres leches which was almost-falling-apart-but-not-dripping moist and covered with real cream. Wonderful!

    1. is this place still as good as advertised by others

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        Thanks for reminding me that I had never tried this place. I went at lunch for the first time and got the pastor tacos and a tostada. While the tacos were very good I will take Arandas any day. I don't know what to think of the tostada since it was not like anything I have ever had before, and nothing at all like I expected; probably just my fault and not theirs at all. If I want tacos and don't want to drive all the way to Arandas I might give them another try.

      2. This place is right in my neighborhood (actually my parents' neighborhood, since I am living in the DC area now). Have been there many times. It is a gem. I love the ceviche and have been known to send family members on ceviche runs to get me a cup.

        I have had the cabrito many times, too and never found it to be dry. Well seasoned and slightly fatty in a good way, but not gristly.

        I find the quality of the food to be a notch above nearby places a bit further down the street on N. Lamar.

        Here are some random snaps I took of some food from there: