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looking for this thing which shields from saute-splatter

I love to fry and saute things but I make a mess, and there's always grease flying everywhere (on the walls and on my clothes, etc.). One recent night I was sauteing chicken livers, and the results were particularly gruesome.

I was thinking how nice it would be if there were some kind of shield or hood you could put around your pan to decrease or eliminate splatter but not fully cover the pan like a lid would. I'm not sure if such a thing exists, what it would look like or how it would work. Please advise.

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      second on the splatter screen. they're porous but they greatly reduce the amount of grease that splatters from the pan in my experience

    2. There actually IS a thing that looks kind of like a menu to stand around your pan I have never used it so can't say if it works but I do use the OXO Good Grips splatter screen and I like it. It's porous and it'snot perfect but it does significantly cut down on the splatter. I only wish it could go into the oven!

      1. The splatter screen reduces splatters greatly, but doesn't eliminate them. You will still have to wipe up, but it won't be ugly.

        1. thanks! a splatter screen is indeed what I'm looking for. What are they made out of? metal? are they very hard to clean?

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            they're sort of a metal mesh screen, you can just wipe it down when you're done cooking

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              Stainless steel. Just put it in the dishwasher.Here is one for three dollars from Ikea.


              I like the very basic handle that folds flat for easy storage.

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                Yeah my GF had one of those with a handle. I thought it was a flat sieve (and used it as such)!

            2. I have a pricey silicone spatter screen and a cheap metal one. Much prefer el cheapo--the silicone tends to steam the food rather than saute. You will still need to clean up but not nearly as much.

              1. The trouble with the generally available spatter screens is they're basically just a fine mesh single-layer screen, which traps some of the flying grease but leaves lots of openings for the rest to pass through. Better than nothing, but only a little.

                A better solution is a round (or square if you like - most of them are square so there's a bigger selection, and there are some domed ones available as well) aluminum mesh grease filter intended for use in kitchen ventilation systems and ranges. Because there's no straight path through the mesh for a grease particle, they do a much better job of controlling spatter while still allowing steam to pass through easily. They also tend to be a good bit cheaper than a commercial spatter screen of equivalent size. They don't come with a handle, so you'll need to use your tongs (which you pretty much always cook with anyway, right?) to move them around, and they're difficult to wash by hand, but clean up fine with a trip through the DW.

                Here's one source that carries them up to 11.5" diameter (scroll down a bit to find the round ones) and apparently will make up larger sizes as well: http://www.myfilterhouse.com/products...