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Jul 12, 2009 04:36 PM


Does anyone know an Italian restaurant in West Chester that has this soup on their menu?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Wow, I haven't seen that dish (bread soup) since I visited Florence, Italy! Great stuff! Unfortunately, I think you'll find that dish scarce on this side of the Atlantic, even at the pseudo-authentic Florentine restos. Perhaps in Manhattan, but in the burbs, nah. But thanks for jogging my memories of Florence!

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      1. re: menton1

        Agree it is incredibly good, but more of a robust winter soup best eaten on a frosty December eve. You might call ahead to a northern Italian resto like Emilio's in Harrison and ask if they would make it for your table.

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          That is too funny becuase that is where I had it - on my honeymoon 3 years ago in Florence and it was the BEST thing I ate there (which is saying alot since you know how good the food is!) I have been on the hunt for it ever since. I reacently moved to Westchester, NY and I have been scnaning menus just to get a sense for what is out there and I could have SWORN I saw it on one of the websites but can't find it again. Thanks!

          1. re: JillyRD

            good one to try is pepolino tribeca nyc

        2. Do you mean Westchester, NY or West Chester PA?

          1. Siena in Stamford on Summer St makes it but only in winter. Not much of a summer food. You can always ask them to make it for you, they might as k for the whole table to have it though.

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            1. re: BAFU

              hi- to "ask" them to make it for you, really not true is a two day process

              1. re: intrepid

                intrepid is right, it's basically a variation of Minestrone soup that is reboiled/recooked. That's what ribollita means, to reboil. The original reciepes (at least the ones I know of) call for you to make the soup one day and to refrigerate it and reboil it the next day and serve it.

                1. re: GIOny

                  yes its a two day re-boiled process, not sure tho what minestrone has to do with it, but bravo

            2. You might try Lidia's restaurant in NYC - Felidia.

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