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Jul 12, 2009 04:32 PM

Craigie on Main or Henrietta's Table for birthday brunch?

My daughter-in-law would like to go out for brunch for her birthday this year. What do you suggest....Henrietta's Table, Craigie on Main or someplace else for six of us plus a baby for a celebration?

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  1. I was taken to Craige in Main for my birthday brunch and it knocked all of our socks off. We all agreed that we could not remember any brunch anywhere that delivered on every single facet of food, drink and service the way Craigie on Main did. Absolutely outstanding. And to top it off, very reasonable prices.

    1. Craigie on Main is one probably of the top 5 restaurants in Boston (New England?).
      Henrietta's Table is a really solid hotel restaurant.

      It's sort of about what you're looking for -- Henrietta's Table will be cheaper and more spacious -- really family friendly, kind of simple, local menu and not that expensive (but still good in my experience). CoM will be much foodier and more expensive -- I've never been for brunch so I can't speak to the crowds, but I've heard their brunch is really good.

      1. We haven't been to Craigie since they moved, but it is one of our favorite restaurants for dinner. We haven't ever been to Henrietta's Table for any meal. I think Henrietta's Table is more expensive for brunch, but it looks like people like Craigie's for brunch. If I can get a reservation, we'll go there.

        1. I went to Henrietta's Table this weekend for brunch and it was really delicious. With their focus on local farm ingredients, it was no surprise that there was a huge assortment of local artisanal cheeses, grilled veggies, and salad assortments. Although the menu changes, this past week there was a good variety of breakfast-type and lunch-type foods including an assortment of pates and terrines (yum!), bagels (and a huge variety of croissants and bread slices), smoked salmon with choice of acroutiments, cheesey mashed potatoes, roasted vegetables, bacon, sausage, poached eggs, and a huge table of different desserts and berries.

          I saw but didn't get to try their mahi mahi, roasted chicken or beef carving station, or the omelette bar and waffles. There's only so much room at a buffet brunch!

          I had really attentive table service outside and they are really sincere when they say that you can take your time.

          For $45, its a pricey brunch but well worth it for a birthday celebration!