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Jul 12, 2009 04:20 PM

Looking for Whelcks (sea snails)

I ate whelcks in Montreal at Jean Talon Market.
There is a name for them in french but I cant spell it right, perhaps, "borgots"..something like that.
In anycase, where can I find them here in Toronto?

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  1. I have not eaten whelks, but Rodney's Oyster House sometimes has periwinkles which are also a sea snail. On the east coast they are collected from rocks... as kids in Newfoundland we called them winkles or wrinkles! Delicious steamed in sea water.

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    1. re: missmadeleine

      I wonder if any fish stores have them. I will have to call around tomorrow.
      They are indeed delicious.

      1. re: domesticgodess

        Winkles are one of my favs!! you can get them at Diana's Seafood Delights on Lawrence ave E just east of warden as well as many of the chinese supermarkets in scarborough. just make sure to wash them really really well to get all the sand out and then just boil them in really salty water for a few minutes, grab a needle and go to town!

        1. re: nuzz

          DH had them at Oyster Boy several months ago
          He said that they were very fresh.
          I think that they are still on the menu.

          1. re: erly

            Thanks for the info. The ones I bought in Montreal..were ready to eat.
            Sorry to ask a dumb question, but why do I need a needle?

            1. re: domesticgodess

              You need the needle, or a bent safety pin, to hook the tasty little swirl of meat out of the shell!

              1. re: missmadeleine

                Spoke to Ryan at Diana's Seafood today and he was very helpful and knowledgeable too.
                They are coming in this Friday!! Im happy...
                Thanks nuzz for the recommendation.
                p.s they will be cooked - hip hip hooray!!