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Jul 12, 2009 04:15 PM

req: manna dew, millerton

anyone been? thoughts, etc.?


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  1. ok ill give it a shot i have a house there.I have eaten there a few times
    the food is inconsistant.That being said its a very good place for a glass of wine
    and occasionally to hear music.For the area its edible.If you want a good restaurant
    continue down the road another 4 miles to lakeville ct and eat at the boathouse

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    1. re: ronhall51

      Manna Dew is above and away in a much better class than The Boathouse. Been to both, each distinctly different with its own good looks as far as decor, but the Boathouse is a restaurant that on a good day is "good" and on another day is just bad. I'd say, if you want a cocktail and a small, nothing special bite at the bar- go. Manna Dew on the other hand, does not serve alcohol, just beer and wine, and yes, while their portions are rather large, the food is carefully and thoughtfully prepared and truly delicious. It is not inexpensive, nor is the Boathouse, but it is worth the money. If you eat anything more than an appetizer at the Boathouse, you might feel taken.

    2. I was there a couple of Saturdays ago. A few random thoughts:

      *It was one of the unseasonably chilly/rainy June Saturday nights, and the place was freezing, damp and rainy

      *We only waited 10 minutes to be sat (without a reservation) but there were quite a few empty tables, and we failed to secure a drink during the wait

      *We didn't do full justice to the menu, having only one course each, but what we did have was very tasty indeed. Portion sizes, though, were incongruously large for what otherwise appeared to be a relatively classy environment. Like, Cheesecake Factory-size large

      *Service was a little overly effusive once we sat, but that's me being a picky Brit; would much rather have a couple of plastic smiles coupled with efficient service than have our service lacking

      *Pasta daily special was ridiculously large but super tasty. Husband and I should totally have ordered one between us and split a side or appetizer. On the other hand, my mother & aunt's dishes were a little on the puny side for the sole course we ordered. I appreciate that no one wants a server to offer unsolicited opinions about the relative heft of what one's ordered, but when there's such a huge disparity around the table, am thinking maybe a hint wouldn't have hurt

      *Wine list is REALLY good, as is the beer selection. Decent value, interesting choices

      *REALLY wish I'd had dessert.

      1. thanks for the comments! i had no idea what kind of food they served, place it was, etc. other than the wine and music part, so that's good. we'd be coming from 45 minutes away, it seems like it would be a good place to make at the end of a day (if already over there doing other things), but maybe not so much as the sole focus...?

        much appreciated...

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        1. re: bob gaj

          Just realized didn't give many details about the place and food! Interesting old building; wood floors, two big rooms (and a garden out back). Noise level is high, given wood floors and high ceilings. (Bathrooms are very cool, for what it's worth.)

          Food tends to be dictated by what's in season, always a good thing. Lots of locally procured ingredients, and sensitive preparations for the most part. A special - beet salad with goat cheese - was nothing if not predictable, yet tasty enough to justify its place on the menu. Super-fresh. That pretty much follows for the rest of the menu.

          It also seems to be a great place for a glass of wine and something small to eat. So yes, probably would work for the day you're planning.