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Jul 12, 2009 04:12 PM

Best Local Soft Drinks in the Northwest

I am looking for a list of the best local soft drinks produced here in the Northwest. Any ideas?

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  1. Not sure if Thomas Kemper is produced locally anymore, but I believe they started in the NW.

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      Jones Soda is probably the biggest soda name in the Northwest. They're the ones that make the funky Thanksgiving themed sodas around the holidays, like turkey and gravy and green bean casserole. Hot Lips Pizza in Portland makes and distributes mainly berry flavored sodas. Also, Henry Weinhard's makes a pretty darn good root beer and orange cream soda. I think they're still based in the PNW.

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        Thomas Kemper's website references a PO Box in Portland.

        There's also Dry Soda, - they market themselves as more of a grown-up soda (non-alcoholic wine-sub for food pairing, even), with flavors like lemongrass and rhubarb that are kind of neat. They have a tasting room in Pioneer Square that I've never visited.

      2. Dry Soda!

        I might have single-handedly supported this business when I was pregnant. My favorite is the Lavender. Still delicious, even when wine is an option again. The aren't too sweet, which is refreshing.

        1. Zevia is a Seattle based soda that is made with the natural sweetener stevia. It is great for those who are trying to control their caloric and sugar intake - including diabetics - and doesn't possess the strange after-taste that some find offensive in other stevia-sweetened products. My personal favorites are ginger ale and root beer.

          (I am not affiliated with the company, but if they are hiring . . .)