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Jul 12, 2009 04:09 PM

Coco Bongo's in Ridgefield closed

I knew it was bound to happen. No cars in the parking lot and then eerily quiet on a Friday night. Now I see that a Mexican place has opened at the same location. I'm thinking same owners since there never seemed to be a property transfer sign out front. If anyone goes, let us know how it is. Also anyone try the new place that took over The Catch location up the road?

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  1. It was funny....Saturday morning the sign said Coco Bongo's and by Saturday afternoon it said Villa del Sol. Sign says mexican....and we agree must be same owners, chef, staff, etc., as it was literally "transformed" between meals.

    1. I found this: So they've opened a new location here in Ridgefield (same logo so must be the same)... and this old post from CH talking about the closing of the Mt. Kisco operation.

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        Villa del Sol in Westport is very good, as Mexican restaurants go. Their specials are always outstanding, and we have rarely been disappointed. (we usually order from the specials menu, since the regular menu is just standard Mexican fare) I'd say it could be good news for Ridgefield. Hopefully, it will be just a good as Westport.

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          wish we'd read that advice BEFORE going to dinner tonight!!!....

      2. The Catch turned into Bar and Grille on 7 , which is very modest in name - the food is very good (best lobster sliders within 75 miles), super burgers, great philly cheesesteak, excellent salads. Lively fun bar and trivia on tuesday nights plus other electronic games all the time. This place is way better than I expected.

        1. Coco Bongo's has just gone through a name change (and a bit of a menu change). The owners are the same. The menu is now more Mexican focus, but they do have some of the Latin specialities on the menu. Food is good and staff very friendly.