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Jul 12, 2009 04:04 PM

San Diego recs.

My wife and I will be in San Diego or the first time in August in celebration of her graduating law school and the bar exam. I think we will be staying at the W and will not have a car. Will we be stuck downtown? How hard will it be for us to get to La Jolla/ Point Loma/ Coronado/Mission Beach for day trips? Any advice would be appreciated.

Also please reccommend any restaurants that should not be missed in any price range.

restaurants that interest me so far are:

Cafe Chloe (lunch or dinner)
Bahia Don Bravo (lunch if we can get to La Jolla)
George's Ocean Terrace (dinner if we can get to La jolla)
Point Loma Seafood (lunch)
Old Town somewhere (dinner)


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  1. "How hard will it be for us to get to La Jolla/ Point Loma/ Coronado/Mission Beach for day trips? "

    La Jolla- difficult. Only way is a cab. $40-50.
    Point loma - easy cab ride.
    Coronado - take the ferry! Super cheap and cool. Many locals don't even know about that move.
    Mission beach - $25 cab

    If you like sushi go to Hane sushi.

    If you want to go to North Park, Jaynes Gastropub or Farmhouse.

    1. Bebsop...congratulations to your wife!! Great accomplishment. Even though you're downtown, you're not exactly stuck.

      Cabs are not inexpensive or economical in SD, but the trolley is. Cabs to Bankers Hill, Little Italy, Shelter and Harbor Islands and Point Loma will be fairly reaonsable.

      You can get around downtown on the trolley on a day pass. I can't remember the exactly what a day pass is for downtonw, but I think it's about $1. A little more and you can get to border and back, Little Italy and Old Town. The trolley is clean, efficient and an easy way to get around the part of town you'll be in. If you take the trolley to Old Town and get off, you can grab a bus to the beach. Unfortunately, bus service isn't quite as efficient as the trolley, but without a car, it will get you where you need to go. Here's the link to more info on trolley and bus routes -

      A moe reasonable cab ride will get you to Bankers Hill. A long time SD resto just underwent a major renovation and concept change and is now Urban Cucina. If you want something a little more celebratory try Mr. A's , both are at the intersection of 5th and Laurel.

      If you want a celebratory drink, try the Top of the Hyatt at the embarcadero. 40 stories +/- up you'll have a great view of the bay from all angles. JBar and JSix might also fit your needs.

      1. Great info provided so far, but you should know that Chino's is a produce farm stand with limited hours and far off the beaten path. It's a real treat for foodies (especially first timers) but you must have a car to get there (and at least a small kitchen to assemble even a salad from their beautiful veggies).

        1. Well, you hit the trifecta with DD, foodiechick and myself...

          I would do George's for dinner on the terrace before sunset..
          Jsix for dinner
          Water taxi it over to Coronado from downtown/gaslamp..have drinks at the Hotel Del and happy hour fish tacos across the street at the Brigantine..
          Cafe Chloe for lunch/dinner.
          Top of Hyatt for drinks..
          Basic if you want to have some great pizza..gaslamp
          Dobson's for some of the best mussel bisque en croute..burger too..gaslamp
          Point Loma Seafood for scallop or calamari sandwich
          Old Town flames!!!
          Fish Market on the SD Bay for shrimp cocktails and cocktails..great oyster bar too.

          Transit system blows a car for a day or two..its about $20 per diam on expedia/hotwire..for LJ/Del can do the rest on trolley/water taxi/cab and bus..

          1. La Jolla from downtown will take about an hour each way on the 30 bus, but a $5 pass will be good for all day for the bus or the trolley. The America Plaza trolley station is very close to your Hotel. There are also some trains that go from the Santa Fe station (Also fairly close to the W) up the coast, but I'm not sure where they stop. From Old Town (on Trolley line) the 8 and the 9 bus go to Seaworld and then Pacfific Beach or Mission Beach or the other way around depending on which bus route. The 7 bus goes to Balboa Park and the zoo and Hillcrest. Lots of good restaurants in Hillcrest, not so many good restaurants in Old Town, but you might as well go to Old Town Cafe, everyone else does.

            If you have time and patience, you can get to almost anyplace in San Diego. I didn't have a working car for a while when I first got here. Google maps now does directions for public transportation with time tables.