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Jul 12, 2009 04:00 PM

Best Canoli in Manhattan

Looking for crispy light pastry filled gems preferably the non ricotta version.

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  1. Try Rocco's on Bleecker or Bruno's on La Guardia for freshly filled cannoli.

    See these, too:

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    1. re: kathryn

      Thanks Kathryn - do you know if they do the custuardy filling or the ricotta? We had a great local place that did the best lemon cream filling with a touch of Strega - di- vine.. After 40 years the children took over the business and now they make gelati only.....

      1. re: phanjokat

        I think they're both ricotta. Maybe other hounds can verify.

    2. It's not a cannolo if it's not filled with ricotta--some versions sweeter than others, some fresher, but always ricotta. I've not seen any that have a custard filling.

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      1. re: bob96

        I figured as much, I tried to find this type of cannolo a few years ago in NY - given the prevalence of Italian bakeries but I got the same reaction - as if I had two heads. Its the same type of filling Italians put in their bigne (profiterole), or pesche - two dome shaped cake sponges with a bit of marsala, or tia maria soaked into the centre that is then joined together by a custard filling, rolled in pink sugar crystals to resemble a furry peach, with a leaf stuck on top - except its slightly thicker - similar to the french creme pattisiere. I'll give the CH's suggestions a try though.

        1. re: phanjokat

          All my life in NYC and I've never seen a cannoli like you describe....
          Cannoli are tubes of crunchy fried dough filled with a ricotta-based cream.
          If you go to Rocco's or Bruno's check the pastry case. They might have what you are looking for (or something similar) but it's not called a cannoli. It sounds more similar to tiramisu (the type of cake/custard combo with liquer, though tiramisu usually has coffee too) but I don't recall anything shaped like a peach

          Do you know what is in the custard/cream you describe?

          1. re: iluvcookies

            Pesche are not really like tiramisu - though it is a similar concept (sponge + custard). Tiramisu is made with a raw egg based, zabaglione and mascarpone filling. However, it must be that the Italians in Brisbane were the only ones with this variety of Cannoli. Melbourne only has ricotta based ones too - Bernadetti's are sensational. Maybe these were renegade cannoli but there were a lot of Sicilians around who made the same type of cannoli. Perhaps because I grew up with the custard variety, the ricotta ones just dont do it for me... but I am willing to try.

            1. re: phanjokat

              Did you find what you were searching for? I am curious to try it if you found it in NYC

      2. The kind with the crunchy shell are called "Sicilian Cannoli"; these have ricotta filling. The other kind with the flaky pastry and Italian custard filling are simply, cannoli. We like both. Sometimes, they will fill the cannoli with a lemon curd or chocolate custard(more of a North American adaptation).

        1. I found exactly what you are looking for! You can find them at Westside Grocery stores in Manhattan. I don't know if they have them at all Westside stores, but they sell them at the store on 110th and B'way. They're just like a cannoli except with a creme filling- they are called "french twists" I believe.

          Hope you go get one and respond!

          1. Stuffed Artisan Cannoli on Stanton. They aren't traditional in as much as they have a variety of flavors/fillings - peanut butter, pistachio, PB&J among others, but they really are heavenly.