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Jul 12, 2009 03:42 PM

Rustic Italian UES/UWS

It's our 1st wedding anniversary and we're looking for italian trattoria on the UES or UWS. Good food but nothing trendy or sexy. Looking for an enjoyable relaxing meal with a rustic-type atmosphere. Any suggestions for a loved local restaurant?

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  1. sfoglia is terrific, but hard to get in. Lex @ 92

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    1. re: frances 50

      Yes, that would be my suggestion as well.

      1. You might find Sfoglia noisy and crowded enough to spoil the celebration. We live just a few blocks away, went once, and never went back: the food was middling and in an odd way amateurish, with false touches throughout; the "rustic" kitchen tables impossible, at least for me, to sit easily at. Quattro Gatti, on 81st and 3rd, is a more traditional place, with genial Italian waiters of a certain age, and well-prepared, straightforward food. It's not sexy, trendy, or even that ambitious, but with a softer, older, and welcoming warmth missing from Sfoglia. Your call.

        1. gennaro uws, cipolla rossa upper east

          1. i remember very delicious meals at erminia, rughetta, and italianissimo on the east side, and celeste and spiga on the west side that fit your request... enjoy!