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Jul 12, 2009 02:53 PM

Casual dining/take-out/delivery in Beverly

We are soon-to-be North Beverly residents --having grown up on the North Shore I am familiar with a lot of the nicer restaurants in the area but am not familiar at all with the "everyday" type places in Beverly. While I love to cook, with a baby and moving I forsee a lot of take-out in our future! So who has the best subs, pizza (Italian thin crust only!), Asian cuisine, etc? We love just about everything! Thanks!

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  1. Really? Nothing!? Help a girl out here :-D !

    1. Wraptures on Cabot street is amazing and affordable. I have never had a bad meal. I recommend anything on the menu. All the ingredients are fresh and you can watch them cook your food. It is a healthy alternative to a sub shop or pizza place.

      1. Welcome (back) to the area from another Beverly resident.
        Nick's Roast Beef is a classic in North Beverly - right on Rt 1A. Sublime.
        Cielito Lindo offers wonderful Mexican in downtown Beverly -- a place that doesn't get the Chowish kudos it deserves.
        Have not had much luck with Chinese takeout here -- would love to hear some responses on this.
        Pizza -- a lot of people love Sam & Joe's in Danvers, with a sweet sauce -- don't care for it myself.
        Atomic Cafe in downtown Beverly has super coffee.

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          Jade House on Lafayette in Salem is GREAT Chinese takeout. Looks horrrible from the outside, I've never set foot inside...caters to SS College kids, but the takeout is fantastic. Great flavor, not too salty, not greasy at all.....classic 'American' Chinese.

        2. also on Cabot.
          Not sure if this qualifies as every day.

          1. American BBQ in The Cummings center. Awesome BBQ ribs, brisket ,pulled pork and all the sides. This is a MUST TRY !!!

            American BBQ
            950 Cummings Ctr Ste 96X, Beverly, MA 01915