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Casual dining/take-out/delivery in Beverly

We are soon-to-be North Beverly residents --having grown up on the North Shore I am familiar with a lot of the nicer restaurants in the area but am not familiar at all with the "everyday" type places in Beverly. While I love to cook, with a baby and moving I forsee a lot of take-out in our future! So who has the best subs, pizza (Italian thin crust only!), Asian cuisine, etc? We love just about everything! Thanks!

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  1. Really? Nothing!? Help a girl out here :-D !

    1. Wraptures on Cabot street is amazing and affordable. I have never had a bad meal. I recommend anything on the menu. All the ingredients are fresh and you can watch them cook your food. It is a healthy alternative to a sub shop or pizza place.

      1. Welcome (back) to the area from another Beverly resident.
        Nick's Roast Beef is a classic in North Beverly - right on Rt 1A. Sublime.
        Cielito Lindo offers wonderful Mexican in downtown Beverly -- a place that doesn't get the Chowish kudos it deserves.
        Have not had much luck with Chinese takeout here -- would love to hear some responses on this.
        Pizza -- a lot of people love Sam & Joe's in Danvers, with a sweet sauce -- don't care for it myself.
        Atomic Cafe in downtown Beverly has super coffee.

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          Jade House on Lafayette in Salem is GREAT Chinese takeout. Looks horrrible from the outside, I've never set foot inside...caters to SS College kids, but the takeout is fantastic. Great flavor, not too salty, not greasy at all.....classic 'American' Chinese.

        2. www.organicgardencafe.com also on Cabot.
          Not sure if this qualifies as every day.

          1. American BBQ in The Cummings center. Awesome BBQ ribs, brisket ,pulled pork and all the sides. This is a MUST TRY !!!

            American BBQ
            950 Cummings Ctr Ste 96X, Beverly, MA 01915

            1. I second Cielito Lindo, American BBQ, Wrapture, and Nick's Roast Beef. I agree there's not much for Chinese, but Siam Delight has terrific Thai food, and they do take out. I believe Kame (Japanese) also does take-out. They have very good entrees and sushi, and they have brown-rice sushi if you're feeling like something healthy. I haven't had a sandwich from Atomic Cafe, but I have heard good things. For a pizza splurge (I don't think they do take out), the pizzas at Soma are getting raves.

              For a casual night out, the best place is Garden City Pub. Great food at reasonable prices and a warm atmosphere.

              The prepared foods section at Henry's market has a huge selection of pre-packaged meals for one or for a family. They are made on premises and taste as close to homemade as you can get from a store. Their chicken salad is my favorite, and they have fresh-made rolls to put it on. Several of the places I mentioned have been reviewed on my blog.


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                BTW --Your blog is great --for the three minutes the baby let me look at it I was very impressed! Look forward to exploring it more later!

              2. Thanks everyone --this was very helpful and I will definitely check your suggestions out. I do remember seeing Nick's Roast Beef within walking distance of my new house which could be dangerous!

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                  Just thought of another casual place very near Nick's -- the Depot Diner (not a diner, a storefront). Great for breakfast or lunch.

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                    Yeah--forgot about that place, and my co-blogger was just there last week! French toast made with portugese bread...

                2. Super Chicken on Rantoul St. is a guilty pleasure of mine. Super nice people, too.

                  1. Just a quick follow-up. Northshore Magazine gave Atomic Cafe best sandwich on the North Shore (I knew I had read it somewhere!). And Soma does have take out. I was there this weekend for drinks and noted the take-out menu on the hostess station.

                    1. Sooo...been here about two months now and tried several places with mixed reviews:

                      Depot Diner --I love the steak fries, good spinach & feta omelet; we have been here quite a few times --always a 15 minute wait but the food is consistently good

                      Goat Hill Grill --we had an excellent meal here --delicious crisp & creamy crabcakes with a light remoulade, baked scallops & hubby got the veal & pork torteloni. Only quibble would be that the broccoli rabe should have been blanched a bit before sauteeing. Chocolate ganache desert was delicious. With two glasses of wine & two beers, an app, dessert and entree this was a steal at $70. We sat in the bar area (baby in tow) & service and atmosphere were great.

                      Nick's Roast Beef --Never been a roast beef fan but this is some good stuff! Fries are not the greatest, but yummy chicken fingers too and decent chicken kabob salad.

                      Henry's Market-- neighbors brought over a pot pie that was delicious but my rave goes to the whoopie pies --best I have had since childhood --the cake has the perfect texture and the creme is not that sicky sweet frosting --ew-- that many places use. They are heavenly!

                      Garden City Pub --we got take-out so its not fair to judge the restaurant as a whole but the steak tips we got were extremely well done (ordered medium) and the sides were mushy

                      Papa Ginos-- We have been having a hard time finding Italian pizza. I have never been disappointed with Papa Ginos but both times we ordered from here (thought the 1st time may have been a fluke) it tasted nothing like any other Papa Ginos I have ever had --thick doughy crust, cheese wasn't the same --yuck

                      North Beverly Roast Beef & seafood --fried scallops are good, not overcooked; chicken kabob salad, tasty but they forgot to include the feta and the homemade pitas that they brag about in the window

                      Not Your Average Joes --for a chain restaurant and baby-friendly, we have had pretty good experiences

                      Bertuccis --ditto, pizza margherita is consistently good

                      Chianti --average to good Italian...didn't blow me away & I can't even remember what I ordered right now, but I would go back

                      Siam Delight --when we ate at the restaurant it was much better than when we ordered delivery, but my husband did not like it either time. First time I really enjoyed the silver soup --second time the veggies & noodles were all way over cooked . Beef stirfry contained very little beef. Chicken satay & thai rolls were tasty. Country fried rice had an overwhelming pepper taste.

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                        You havent tried American BBQ yet? You're missing out if you don't. I have LOVED everything I have gotten there. Brisket is the absolute best I ever had. Ribs are perfect and their Jamaican jerk chicken sandwich is delicious. Try it and you won't be disappointed.

                        American BBQ
                        950 Cummings Ctr Ste 96X, Beverly, MA 01915

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                          gee ,sari, northshoregirl has a food blog about the north shore w/ lots of great tips. do a search for her member page and you'll prob find her blog address.
                          Also, easy to do searches on CH. I've posted recently on Tryst and Cielito Lindo ,both on Cabot St. I second the american bbq rec.; 1 in bev., one in newbury.

                          Cielito Lindo
                          150 Cabot St, Beverly, MA 01915

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                            Not to nitpick but the second American BBQ location is in Rowley not Newbury..

                            American BBQ
                            950 Cummings Ctr Ste 96X, Beverly, MA 01915

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                              thank you. it was dark when a friend took us there last month!

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                            Thanks for circling back on this. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed Goat Hill Grill; it's been our list to try for a while. I think American BBQ is quite good, but I actually like Tennessee BBQ better. It's on Rt 114 in a little strip mall, so you might not think to try it. But it's terrific, and one of my favorite places for lunch or dinner while out shopping. I don't have any experience with take out in the Beverly area, so I really can't comment. But I do recommend asking for cardboard containers rather than plastic when ordering Asian food. In plastic, the food continues to steam and gets mushy.

                            For a quick meal to take home, you might want to try Wrapture on Cabot St. Lots of choices of wraps and stir fries made fresh with good-quality ingredients. And maybe check out the pizza from Soma. I still haven't had it, but they do take out, and I continue to hear good things about it. Another thought is The Farm in Essex. Definitely a fun, family type of place. Direct link to our post on it: http://www.northshoredish.com/2009/04...


                            American BBQ
                            950 Cummings Ctr Ste 96X, Beverly, MA 01915

                            280 Cabot St, Beverly, MA 01915